Payday 3: Ultimate Stealth Guide and Tips

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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Payday 3 lets you pick your own playstyle. If you prefer to choose super sneaky stealth mode, this guide will help you out !

Payday 3 is a 4-player co-op online heist FPS shooter. As the name suggests, this is the third installment of the fan-favorite series. The game is currently available as early access and is waiting to be fully released on September 21, 2023, on both PC and Console.

Payday 3 is similar to the core gameplay of the Payday series. As a member of a 4 member gang, you plan a robbery, and the success depends on each member executing their part equally. The series’ third entry carries over many in-game features from its predecessors and also brings back the original characters from Payday: The Heist.

The fun part is that you can do the heist in your own way. Whether you go super sneaky, execute a melee run, or prefer to go loud all the way, the decision is yours. Among all the playstyles, Stealth has always been the most challenging. This is why most players prefer to confront this challenge.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a much-needed guide and tips to execute Payday 3 missions in stealth mode with utmost accuracy.

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What is stealth mode in Payday 3

Stealth has been a fundamental gameplay style of the Payday series since its origin. The play style requires players to complete a mission without alerting security guards or the police. This is one of Payday’s most complex playstyles, which demands scrupulous decision-making and team play.

Players must be prepared with a proper build to complete a mission in stealth mode successfully. This includes building effective skills and loadouts. If you need help creating a super stealthy build for Payday 3, feel free to check out this article.

Difficulty levels

Payday 3 has four levels of difficulty. Each of them will affect your playstyle as they critically impact how the environment behaves.

  • Normal: Standard difficulty.
  • Hard: A bit more challenging.
  • Very Hard: Cameras are indestructible.
  • Overkill: Highest difficulty with indestructible cameras, introduce lead guard with infinite pagers and a limited number of pagers before alarms trigger.

Payday 3 Stealth Guide

Completing a flawless stealth mission requires a great deal of effort and determination. Here we will discuss about the ways you should follow to perfectly do a sneaky heist.

Patience is Key

This might sound obvious! But if you need to follow one advice for a successful stealth run, this is the one. Things might go wrong, and it is lucrative to go all-out shooting. This will only fail you in the end. You should use your skill build and game mechanics to your advantage.

Roam Around the Map

At the beginning of every mission, you will find yourself in Casing mode. This will allow you to receive the map before starting the robbery. Unlike the predecessor of the series, you can now interact with objectives in this mode. Use this as your chance to know the map; this will come in super handy later.

Keep Tracking of Security Guards

You must always be aware of your enemies. In stealth mode, if you get seen to do a simple mistake it will ruin the whole mission. So, always keep track of where the security guards might come from.

Hide Bodies After Takedowns

Payday 3 now allows you to silently takedown enemies from behind without weapons. This was not available in previous games. Remember to hide the bodies in a safe spot to avoid unnecessarily alerting the guards.

Respond to Guards’ Radios

Security guards communicate through their radios after a specific period. If you take down a guard and do not respond to his radio, other guards will get suspicious. So, always be aware of down guards’ radios and be ready to respond to them to prevent alerting enemies in the area. Doing so will let you convince them that all is well without getting detected.

The Less you Shoot, the Better!

If you prefer shooting all over, you would not be in stealth mode in the first place. However, things might go otherwise and compel you to use guns. We will advise you to build a loadout with silenced pistols and knives. Also, choosing guns with fast movement attributes will help you traverse the map quickly.

Payday 3 Stealth Mode: Tips and Tricks

These are the do’s and dont’s you should not forget even in the heat of the moment.

Use Lures

 Lures can distract guards and open guarded areas. Interact with speakers to create noise that attracts guards. You can also use lures to save your teammates from being caught.

Utilize Zip ties

You can use zip ties to restrain civilians and guards. You get an infinite number of zip ties; USE THEM!


You can have two microcams equipped as utilities. These are cams that are undetectable. Moreover, you can place it on any surface including people. Using micro cams in proper places or guards will always keep providing you with info.

Avoid Killing the Lead Guard

The lead guard will only spawn on Overkill difficulty. He is easily distinguishable, wearing a baseball cap and carrying unlimited pagers. Killing him will trigger alarms, so it is better not to.

Be Aware of Observe Alert

If you are being observed while performing an action, you’ll be detected upon completing it. To avoid the alert, crouch and find blind spots among nearby civilians.

Unmasked Heister

In multiplayer, if one heister remains unmasked, they can leave with the bags without detection.

A successful stealth run in Payday 3 depends on many factors. Choosing the best-suited skills, careful planning and map awareness, vast knowledge and clever utilization of various game mechanics, critical decision-making abilities, and synchronized co-op execution of all gang members – All of these will sum up to a perfect stealth heist execution.

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