Respawn Decided to Nerf “Heat Sink” Ironsight, But What About “Pay-to-win” Skydive Emotes?

Some unique Skydive Emotes in Apex Legends make players almost impossible to hit in the sky.

Although Apex Legends is a free-to-play game, players can customize their experience by purchasing unique skins, banners, emotes, charms, and more. These cosmetic items let players enjoy a little variety in the game.

Every purchasable cosmetic item in Apex Legends is supposed to be purely aesthetical with no added advantage. However, some weapon and legend skins can give you a notable competitive edge over other skins because of their unique characteristics.

Because of this, Respawn recently released a patch where they nerfed “Heat Sink” ironsight and talked about making more changes to “pay-to-win” ironsights in the game. However, apart from the weapon and legend skins, some skydive emotes are also considered “pay-to-win.”

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“Pay-to-Win” Skydive Emotes Makes you Invincible in Air

Many Apex Legends skins are “pay-to-win” and have been in the game for a long time. Everyone knows about the R-99, Wingman, Peacekeeper, and Flatline skins with clean ironsights that give players extra benefits, which seem unfair to many.

However, nobody talks about the skydive emotes that give you unfair advantages. These Skydive Emotes make players almost impossible to hit while flying out of a jump tower or Valkyrie’s Ultimate.

It happens because each Skydive Emote has unique animation, and some specific animations contain super-fast movements that help players dodge incoming bullets. Loba’s newly added Flaunt it, Wraith’s Think Fast, and Valkyrie’s Showing Off are some examples of “pay-to-win” Skydive Emotes available in the game.

Some may argue that the Skydive Emotes aren’t as strong as the pay-to-win skin ironsights. However, you realize its importance when you are running from enemies and third parties using a jump tower or Valkyrie’s Ultimate.

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