New Leak Discloses How Gifting System Might Work in Apex Legends

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA/ KralRindo

Prominent data miner KralRindo shared new information regarding how the upcoming gifting system might work in Apex Legends.

Since Apex Legends is a free-to-play FPS battle royale game set in the same universe as the Titanfall franchise of video games, Respawn Entertainment opted to use the “freemium” model to monetize this game. So, players don’t have to purchase the game to enter the Outlands.

Just before Season 14, we had some words from the developers about a Gifting System being developed. However, there was no information on how Respawn was planning to execute this into the game without ruining it.

Nonetheless, recent leak has uncovered some crucial insights about how Respawn might implement the Gifting System into Apex Legends. To be fair, it’s not what most players were hoping for.

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How Gifting System Will Work

With every new patch or update, Respawn delivers a ton of content into the game. Similarly, with the Beast of Prey Collection Event, the Apex Legends community got its long-awaited Loba Heirloom, a new LTM called Gun Run, and more.

However, a new update also means more data mined content. A famous data miner named KralRindo found some new icons and code lines in the game files correlated to the Gifting System that Respawn has been developing. The coded strings revealed more information on how it may work in action.

As per the leaks, KralRindo believes that players might only be able to buy an item as a gift for someone else from the store, similar to Fortnite, instead of trading items like CS: GO. Some icons were also found related to the Gifting System in the files.

Nonetheless, it’ll be a great feature for everyone because players will be able to surprise others will exciting in-game items. Although Respawn hasn’t said anything about when we’ll get to see this feature in the game, judging by all the recent leaks, we can expect it to come at the beginning of Season 15.

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