Girl Travels From Italy to India Just to Meet Her Love She Met Through Apex Legends

A couple shares a wholesome love story and thanks Respawn for bringing two Caustic mains together through Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is home to more than 130 million players. With every new Season, the player base keeps increasing. The game also has dedicated communities on different social media, sharing their thoughts, frustrations, and wholesome moments.

There’s no denying that the game has its flaws. Regardless, everyone enjoys the game because it contributes to some of the best experiences for many. Similarly, a couple shares a piece of their wholesome love story on the Apex Legends subreddit that made everyone fill with joy.

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Couple Thanks Respawn for Bringing Them Together

A guy named u/Furdean shared a picture of him and his partner on Apex Legends Subreddit with a caption, “We met on Apex Legends, We both main Caustic, I am 🇮🇳 and she is 🇮🇹, she travelled 6,165 kilometres just to meet me <3 thank you Respawn.”

Both happened to main Caustic, and they met through playing Apex Legends. His special individual traveled 6125 Kilometers and flew from Italy to India to meet him in real life. The couple shares their gratitude to Respawn for making Apex Legends.

This heartwarming post generated over 13k upvotes on Apex Legends subreddit. Everyone showed their support for the couple and was happy to partake in such a wholesome incident. User -LexVult- is also glad to bump into a post like this.

Others like Dear-Gas-3715 and lordprimus congratulated the couple for blessing them with such a beautiful story.

Nonetheless, stories like this are what make Apex Legends more special. Apart from the game itself, the community is the most crucial part that makes more people come together.

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