Apex Legends Players are Frustrated With the Poor Matchmaking in Pubs, Says “The Game is Dead for Casuals”

Apex Legends has a huge casual player base. However, many are quitting because of the flawed matchmaking system.

Although Apex Legends follows a Skill Based Matchmaking or SBMM system, players constantly get into matches against much higher ranked players or smurfs. As a result, the subject of matchmaking has always been a big drawback for Apex Legends as a whole.

Players frequently raise concerns about the poor matchmaking system and wonder if SMBB even works in the game. With almost every new Season, Respawn makes major to minor tweaks to the ranked system to improve matchmaking in ranked. However, it doesn’t help the casual player base who only enjoys playing pubs.

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The Game is Dead for Casuals

Apex Legends reached the 130+ million players milestone a long time ago. A massive chunk of the player base only plays pubs for fun. The skill floor of the game already demotivates new players from entering or keep playing the game.

On top of that, the old players are also getting frustrated due to uneven matchmaking and smurfs. So, despite the growing player numbers, Apex is somewhat losing its loyal casual player base. A user name u/Cseresznyebog shared a similar frustration on the Apex Legends subreddit.

The OP mentions several issues, such as three stacking masters and diamonds in casual lobbies, the smurfs with 50 level and 4k badge, and more. The ranked is also no better because it is nothing but a smurf festival.

The developers have been trying to improve Apex’s matchmaking system for a long time. However, because it is a free-to-play game with no entry barrier, it is sometimes harder to deal with the matchmaking situation than it seems. Nonetheless, players expect a better solution to keep enjoying Apex Legends regardless of skill.

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