Ninja gets kidnapped by a Wraith portal for the first time in Apex Legends

Popular streamer and internet personality Richard Tyler Blevins or more commonly known by his online moniker Ninja experiences the infamous Wraith portal kidnapping for the first time in Apex Legends.

Ninja alongside some other notable streaming personalities such as Dr DisRespect and Shroud streamed Apex Legends at the game’s launch back in 2019. Since Respawn literally released the game without any prior marketing, big-name gaming influencers made a huge impact in promoting this battle royale.

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Having said that, all of these big streamers eventually left Apex to stream games that were more trendy such as Warzone and Valorant. But in recent times, Apex Legends saw a massive rise in popularity on Twitch due to Warzone being littered with technical issues.

Following his departure from Mixer, Ninja came back to Twitch and became a variety streamer. As such, he is regularly seen playing different genres of games. Recently, he made a return to Apex Legends and seems to be really enjoying the game in the current state.

In a recent stream, while he was fighting the last squad on the World’s Edge map, he firsthand witnessed the terror of a Wraith portal kidnapping.

What is Wraith portal kidnapping in Apex Legends?

It is a pretty common strategy in Apex Legends where a Wraith player would use their ultimate portal ability paired with tactical invulnerability to forcefully kidnap an enemy player and bring that player back to the other side of the portal to get an easy kill. While this trick is hard to pull off, the reward for executing a perfect kidnapping is extremely satisfying.

After being kidnapped, Ninja was simply in awe of this crafty trick. Instead of losing his cool live on his stream, he stated, “that was the coolest sh*t I’ve ever seen”.

Unsurprisingly, this unorthodox strategy to outplay your opponents in the game really impressed Ninja. Suffice to say that Apex Legends has a lot of depth when it comes to combining the ability of different agents.

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While the TTK(time to kill) in this game may not be attractive to some players, it is still rewarding to those who crave this form of combat loop.

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