Dr DisRespect has a meltdown playing Apex Legends, blames TTK as the main culprit

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV or more commonly referred to by his online moniker “Dr DisRespect” shared some spicy take on Apex Legends which is currently considered to be the best battle royale games in the market.

Popular Youtube streamer Dr DisRespect loses his cool while playing Apex Legends as contrary to most other popular games in the same genre, Apex Legends has a high TTk (time to kill). As a result, gunfights in Apex usually last longer than most FPS games.

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On top of that, there are healing items like shield cells and meds that can be used to regain lost health or shields. This means players have to engage keeping in mind the massive HP of their opponents in order to win duels.

Dr DisRespect take on Apex Legends

While this was a conscious design decision made by Respawn, it is certainly not for everyone. And turns out, Dr DisRespect is certainly one of them. In a recent live streaming session, he gave his audience one of his famous rants on Apex.

In his stream, he explained how Apex Legends never truly made it big as an Esports mainly due to bad viewership experience. He also added that as Apex has a really high TTK, it takes multiple magazines to down an opponent and it makes it harder for viewers to enjoy live tournaments since all the teams usually camp in buildings.

The topic of TTK comes often in many discussions in Apex-related forums. However, the general consensus among the Apex Legends player base is that having a larger HP makes the gameplay loop different than everything else that is out there right now.

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Also, games are extremely subjective as some players really enjoy the tactical nature of shooters like Valorant and CSGO which feature really low time to kill. But the opposite is also true as some folks enjoy the long gunfights that can ensue in Apex.

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