A new Apex Legends ban wave targets “dashboarding” exploit users in ranked

Respawn dev confirmed a massive new ban wave in Apex Legends that targeted players who were using an illegal “dashboarding” exploit in the competitive ranked mode.

Apex Legends’ ranked mode has been under constant fire in recent times as the player base is frustrated by the overwhelming amount of cheaters that are currently present in mid to high ELO lobbies across different regions around the world.

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The whole ranked situation got so out of hand that professional Apex players and the community banded together under the “SaveApexRanked” banner to show their frustration regarding the awful state of the game.

And now some players are using “dashboarding” exploits to make things even worse for genuine players who are just trying to climb the ranked ladder. Dashboarding combined with the DDoSers and run-of-the-mill hackers have made the ranked experience way too dreadful.

What is dashboarding?

Dashboarding is basically an exploit that lets players avoid the loss penalty of a match when they are on the verge of losing ranked points(RP). In Apex Legends ranked, players are required to spend RP to enter a ranked match.

This RP requirement varies heavily from different ranks. So, after you enter a match you are required to gain more RP than you spent to just enter the match in order to climb the ranked ladder.

However, some players are using dashboarding to avoid the RP penalty associated with losing a match. In short, dashboarding is when a player force quits a ranked match in the exact moment before losing to bypass the RP penalty. In PC, players can just press “alt + f4” to force quit and in consoles, players can still do that by pressing the menu button on their controller.

Judgement day is here!

Hideout, the developer at Respawn responsible for the security of Apex Legends recently revealed that there has been a new ban wave that specifically targeted “dashboarding” exploit users on all the different platforms.

These are matchmaking bans that have varying lengths depending on the extent of abuse, according to Hideout.

Furthermore, a recent TikTok shared by a player playing on the Playstation platform while using “dashboarding” to get into the predator rank has received backlash from the Apex community. The TikTok user u/squishy__i stated that at high ELO if you don’t dashboard it is impossible to keep your rank let alone rank up since many players are apparently doing the same.

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This comment has garnered a lot of attention in the Apex community as players banded together to ban this individual from playing the game. Respawn hasn’t made any official response regarding the matter, as of writing. Although Respawn might ban this user as using exploits to climb the ranked ladder in a bannable offense.

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