New Out-of-Vision System Changes Coming in Patch 13.22

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot will change the out-of-vision range and duration as a part of their system changes coming in patch 13.22.

After champions, jungle, and so many other quality-of-life changes in patch 13.21, Riot will add yet another system change in the upcoming patch 13.22. One of the important mechanics in League of Legends is vision management. There are so many micro and macro elements involved depending on how you control the visibility of your champion on the map.

Some concepts of vision are pretty straightforward. For example, the area surrounding you is always brightened up for your ally to see. And putting a ward illuminates a certain area around it even without you needing to be there.

But there are certain more subtle mechanics that often go under the radar of most players. One of the examples is being momentarily revealed even while out of vision of the enemy. There are many mechanics to reveal to you, obviously. Some champions can use their built-in abilities, like Ashe’s hawk shot, whereas the general method is simply using vision-controlling wards or sweepers.

When you are in a bush, you are usually invisible to the enemy unless they have a ward in it. But even if they didn’t have any wards there, you can be revealed momentarily when you attack. But this brief window of exposure has a certain range and duration. In this article, you will see what changes Riot is about to make in that sector from the next patch.

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The System Changes in Patch 13.22

  • While out-of-vision but revealed due to attacks, the reveal changes are as follows:
    • Reveal Duration: 4.5s >>> 1.75s
    • Reveal Radius: 400 units >>> 300 units

Potential Impacts on Summoner’s Rift

As you can see, these changes are hugely in favor of the attacker as they are now much less susceptible to being punished while exploiting those attack-from-bush mechanics.

These changes’ effects will mostly be felt in the Top lane, melee vs ranged matchup. Ranged champions in the Top lane, such as Teemo, Vayne, and Quinn, got an indirect harassing buff due to this. The radius of reveal may not hurt as much as the big decrease in reveal duration. Now, the poor melee champs will get an even shorter window of opportunity to make counter-plays happen, while those ranged bullies can just harass you from miles away and return to being hidden under the bush if you can’t do something in 1.75s.

In summary, these are some thought-provoking changes that give the oppressors more power in the top lane. Maybe Riot has something bigger in mind to offset this by fine-tuning changes in other systems in the next patch. But for now, we’ll have to wait and see. Also, keep in mind that these changes are strictly for Summoner’s Rift.

These changes will be in the upcoming 13.22 patch, which is set to be released officially on Wednesday, November 8, 2023.

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