New LoL Tank Item Hollow Radiance That Will Burn Your Enemies

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

New Immolate Item Hollow Radiance to come in season 2024 for Tank Champions.

When a massive update comes to League of Legends, almost every aspect of the game takes a hit from the tide. Everything in the game is interwoven intricately. But then comes a massive update when the new season begins, and it completely changes how the game looks.

Even when compared to the previous season updates, 2024’s basket has too many gifts in it. From Maps, Baron, Rift Herald to Infernal Cinders, Void Objectives – the list goes on and on. Some of the changes are expected to completely change how players approach and strategize in the game. More importantly, Riot has tried very hard to make the game fun this time around.

And a piece of clear evidence is their decision to remove mythic items from the game. And I think we all can agree that mythic items were a huge fun-sucker. People were using the same 1 or 2 mythic items for their champions. There wasn’t much scope for experimentation.

Now that they are gone, new exciting items are going to take their place. And these items, just from the description, are giving massive ‘fun’ vibes. Hollow Radiance, for example, despite being a tank item, sounds fun to play.

In this article, I shall explain more about what I mean by that as I introduce the item to you.

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Hollow Radiance Item Description

Hollow Radiance
image credit: Riot games
  • Total Cost: 2800 gold
  • Item Recipe: Bami’s Cinder + Spectre’s Cowl + 550 gold
  • 600 Health
  • 40 Magic Resistance
  • 100% Base Health Regeneration
  • Passive – Immolate: Taking or dealing damage causes you to begin dealing magic damage per second to nearby enemies (increased by 25% against minions) for 3 seconds. Taking or dealing with damage refreshes the duration of this effect.
  • Passive – Moonburn: Killing an enemy (non-ward, non-structure) deals 30 (+3.5% bonus HP) magic damage in an area around them.

From the description, I think the 600 Health with 40 MR and 100% Base Health Regeneration is already quite a good value combo for only 2800 Gold. It also has a great item path. Both Bami’s Cinder and Spectre’s Cowl have their unique features and are great buys on their own.

Immolate and Moonburn

As always, the passive effects are what make the new items unique. However, Immolate is nothing new for LoL players. But it’s worth mentioning that other than Sunfire Aegis, this is the only other item to have this passive. What’s great about this passive is that it will consistently deal damage to enemies even if you do not attack.

Because as long as you are in a fight, and either you or your enemy is dealing damage, immolate will stay on. Its cooldown also refreshes each time damage is dealt. That’s why it’s a great item for Tanks, who usually need to be engaged in team fights for a long duration.

Now Moonburn, a new passive, is quite interesting. As the item description says, killing an enemy deals bonus magic damage as AoE around them. And the scaling they used for this is bonus HP.

I think it will have the most noticeable value when you are in the lane. Because each time you kill a minion, this will do the AoE damage around. It’s a great way to disrupt your enemy’s positioning, as they will need to consistently move around so as to not get hit by it. It’s almost like detonating mini-bombs one after another if you have decent wave clear. So, something like tank Malphite will be really good with this.

Release Date

All the new items, including this, are set to be released in early January 2024 as patch 14.1 is deployed on all live servers. Currently, you can try out the PBE 13.24 for preseason to check all the upcoming changes yourself.

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