League of Legends Massive Map Changes Revealed for Season 2024

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot just revealed game-changing map adjustments in the season 2024 gameplay spotlights.

That time of the year has come for League of Legends. Season 2023 has been very eventful with the new champions, skin controversy, and the outrage concerning ping changes, just to name a few. Now, Riot has shifted its focus to the future as they released the gameplay preview for the 2024 pre-season.

Unlike the previous year, the 2024 preseason is packed with fundamental changes that can shake the core of the traditional League of Legends gameplay. This time, they are changing drastically how every lane and jungle’s terrain looks. The gank path, monster camps, Baron Nashor, Rift Herald, Scuttle Crab, etc, will undergo significant changes to alter the meta.

The list of changes is huge, and each of the changes demands their own discussion. For example, 3 Baron Nashor visuals and how each impacts the baron pit differently. Also, Void Grubs, Rift Herald mounting, and its new dash mechanics.

However, for this article, I will focus strictly on the massive map changes across the Summoner’s Rift. In a previous article, I talked about the speculations drawn from a certain leak. This time, the actual changes are here. So, let’s take a look at what awaits us.

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Massive Map Changes in Summoner’s Rift

Top Side Map Changes

New brush in top side river, adjusted terrain.
image credit: Riot games

As you can see in the image above, they have added a tiny brush to the top side of the river. Also, the gank path that used to be on the red side terrain is closed off, mirroring the blue side. This will give the red side players more confidence to engage in duels. At the same time, it minimizes the gank advantages the blue side Junglers used to get.

Another change is seen on the opposite side of the baron pit. The entrance to the river is pushed a little to the left (from blue side perspective). Also, the terrain is slightly longer in length, and a new brush sticking to it.

Midlane Map Changes

Entry Bush Pushed Back, adjusted Gank Path
image credit: Riot games

While playing immobile mid-lane champions, such as Annie and Veigar, players often found themselves easily ganked and camped by the enemy Jungler. This was because the gank path from both sides of the river was quite beyond the range of turrets. So, if you pushed even to the mid-section, junglers could easily come from behind.

But now, one of the gank paths for each side is pushed back and in parallel to the turrets. So, Junglers have to think twice before walking that road since the turret can easily aggro if there are no minions.

Another significant change is the river-adjacent bushes. They are also pushed back further down the river. That means having vision on the bushes will be more effective as you get more time to react to ganks and roams.

Changes in Jungle Map

New terrain right before drake pit.
image credit: Riot games

In Jungle, the change is quite interesting. Till now, the opposite side of the Drake pit was open space for red side players to access the area easily. This often interrupted the blue team from taking an easy Drake. But now, they will literally face a wall as it covers the entire Drake pit.

Now red team has to come from further down the river. This actually serves 2 purposes. One is giving safety to blue side while taking Drake. At the same time, this is balanced by the fact that invading red side camps will require you to walk further than before.

Map Changes in Bottom Lane

Bot side map changes: new red side gank path and pixel brush
image credit Riot games

Just like in the top and mid adjustments, the change here is also aimed at equalizing the side advantages. The gank path right before the blue side tier 1 turret on the bottom side will now have its red side counterpart. This symmetry also ensures no side gets an advantage while warding.

Moreover, a pixel brush is readjusted on the bottom side of the river right after the Drake pit, much like the pixel brush at the top side.

New Minimap Revealed

New Minimap showing symmetry
image credit: Riot games

And finally, here’s the minimap. Obviously, in response to the massive map changes, this also had to be updated. We can see here how the minimap looks much more symmetrical at the top and bottom lanes. The intentions of Riot Games are clear enough. They are trying their best to ensure no side gets any advantage.

And I actually welcome these changes since players don’t get to choose whether they want blue or red side. It’s only natural both sides get to play on a level playing field. With these adjustments, it seems to be a massive step forward in terms of QoL improvements and player satisfaction.

Preseason Release Time

The 2024 preseason will be live on Patch 14.1, set to release in January. But PBE servers will be tested with these changes from November 20, 2023.

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