All Four New Champions Coming To League of Legends in 2023

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has revealed all the upcoming champions in League of Legends in 2023.

In every season, Riot releases a plethora of new champions. And this season is no exception.

For this season, Riot has announced that they will finally release the long-awaited Ahri ASU. Alongside that, Riot will finally release the Aurelion Sol CGU. Furthermore, we will also see the balanced iteration of everything added in preseason 2023. We will see a much more balanced version of Chemtech Drake, new items, jungle changes, etc.

Furthermore, Riot has also announced new cosmetics coming to League of Legends in season 13. Some of the new skins that are coming are Faerie Queen Kalista and Faerie Court Karma. Moreover, Riot has also confirmed that the cat vs dog skin line will be making its triumphant return this season.

As for new champions, Riot has announced four new upcoming champions for season 13. We already know about two of these champions: Milio, the Ixtali Enchanter, and Naafiri, the Darkin Assassin. Additionally, The two new champions they announced are a new hangry jungler and a new artistic mid-laner.

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All Upcoming Champions 2023

Here is the list of all champions announced for season 13 in order of potential release.

  • Milio, Ixtali Enchanter
  • Naafiri, Darkin Assassin
  • A new hangry jungler
  • A new artistic mid-laner

Milio, Ixtali Enchanter

milio ixtal enchanter
Image Credits: Riot Games

Milio will be our upcoming male enchanter, hailing from Ixtal. However, Riot didn’t share much information about the gameplay side. From what we know, he is a relatively young champion. And he will use fire as his elemental magic to aid his allies. We should hear more about him soon as he is the first new champion released in season 13.

Naafiri, Darkin Assassin

Image Credits: Riot Games

Naafiri will be the upcoming Darkin champion released in League of Legends. She will primarily be a mid-lane assassin. From our knowledge of her gameplay, she will have a straightforward kit. Moreover, she will be made for people who want more action in their game. As for her release date, she will be released after Milio.

The Hangry Jungler

hangry assassin champion 2023
Image Credits: Riot Games

After announcing Naafiri, Riot teased two more champions early in development. One of them they called a “Hangry Jungler”. Although, they haven’t revealed much besides one picture. From that picture, we might say this new champion might be from Camavor, Viego’s kingdom.

The Artistic Mid-laner

artistic mid-lane champion 2023
Image Credits: Riot Games

The last champion Riot teased in their video is a mid-laner, who they called an “Artistic Mid-laner”. Similarly to the jungler before, they haven’t revealed any information about this champion. But from the picture, we can safely say that this champion might be from Ionia. Furthermore, this champion will be a Calligrapher from what we know. This champion will be coming last, so we can expect them to be released in late 2023.

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