Massive Rift Herald Rework In LoL Preseason 2024

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Our beloved Shelly, or Rift Herald, is getting a massive rework in the Preseason 2024.

Preseason is one of the times when Riot makes massive changes to the game. As it is the same time when the ranked season expires, players can also try out the new changes without any disadvantages and have fun with the game.

Last preseason was one of the smallest preseason we have ever received in League of Legends. In that, we received new tank items, the return of Chemtech Drake, jungle changes, and new Hexgates in ARAM. Overall, it was much smaller than prior seasons. Also, the mid-season patch of season 13 was far more meta-defining than the preseason.

With that said, Riot, this time, said that Preseason 2024 will be the largest preseason ever. And very recently, they fully revealed all the massive additions to the game. One of which is the Rift Herald.

Rift Herald is a powerful natural monster or objective in the Summoner’s Rift map. It is a very sought-after objective in the early game. The main reason is that once the Herald is slayed, it will drop the Eye of the Herald item. If a player uses it, then their team will spawn their own Rift Herald that will siege and destroy the opponent’s turrets for them. It is a very strong item for the early game, especially for the early turret plate golds.

With that said, here’s everything that is getting changed with the new Rift Herald.

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Preseason 2024: Rift Herald Rework

rift herald
Image Credits: Riot Games

First, let’s start with the small changes; Rift Herald is getting a full visual overhaul. Now, he looks more menacing than before.

Now for some gameplay changes: Rift Herald will now spawn from 14 minutes. That means only one Rift Herald will be spawning per match since Baron’s spawn timer is still at 20 minutes.

And for the biggest change of all, players can now control or drive the Rift Herald. Once the player crushes the Eye of the Herald, any nearby allied players can right-click the Herald and control it. Additionally, it will work similar to a Sion ultimate.

When controlling a Herald, players can usually siege the enemy tower. One key note is that the Herald will deal more damage to towers when controlled rather than uncontrolled. Furthermore, players can also knock up enemies if they are standing in the way of a sieging Herald. On collision, the driver pops out from the Herald, and the ability to control goes on cooldown. However, if you do hit the tower, then the cooldown will be reset.

In the current meta, the first Herald is heavily prioritized. But with these changes, late-game Herald will become a very strong objective to contest. So, the meta will be very exciting during season 14.

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