Enter Infernal Cinders, Infernal Drake’s Blessing in LoL

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot to make Infernal Rift more interesting by adding infernal cinders that will boost champion stats upon pickup.

League of Legends season 2024 is almost upon us. And naturally, Riot plans on bringing a plethora of changes for that. However, they will have to pass the test of preseason before fully being implemented in the official season.

They have already released the preseason gameplay trailer on YouTube. Map, Rift Herald, Baron, Jungle Camp- everything is going to receive massive changes, as you may have already heard. The new map changes consist of wall rearrangement across the rift. The Drake pit and baron pit will have several new walls.

As everything is changing, Riot has decided to address an old issue with the Drake effects on the map. We know how the summoner’s rift changes after each drake is slain. Ocean drake brings new plants and blast-cones, mountain drake changes the terrain structure, hextech drake brings portals for better mobility and so on.

Infernal Drake’s map changes have been kind of boring, to say the least. It only brought trivial changes to the Drake pit and created space around Red and Blue Buff’s camp. Players have given feedback that they find the Infernal Rift the least impressive.

Therefore, in 2024, Infernal Rift will have interesting changes to make it more relevant. In this article, I will describe what the changes are.

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Infernal Cinders Available for Pickup in Infernal Rift

So basically, as you slay the infernal Drake as the 3rd or 4th Drake of the game, the infernal rift will activate. And the infernal drake will scatter several infernal cinders across the map for anyone to pick them up.

These cinders will give you a boost in movement speed along with stat buffs. The stats will be adaptive, as in it can be either AD or AP, whichever suits your champion the most. Upon death, half of the cinder will explode, and it will be ready for pickup by either an enemy or ally.

The gameplay footage has not been revealed for this change. But as we move towards the end of the season, we will soon get a visual on them.

The intention behind the change is quite clear. Riot wants to make the game as much fun as possible. Earlier, they had succeeded in part through the addition of Hextech and Chemtech Drakes. Infernal Drake was sort of a loose end. With these changes, Riot hopes the players will be happy with the overall Drake system.

Season 2024 Release Date

The preseason is up for testing on PBE servers (Patch 13.24) since November 20, 2023. These changes will hit live servers as the new season kicks off in early January, Patch 14.1.

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