New leak suggests Valve deleted any references to CSGO and Source 2

Leaks indicate Source 2 is still a possibility

In the latest HAlf-Life: Alyx update, data miners saw how Valve deleted any references with CSGO, Left for dead 3, and source 2.

All these have further fueled the rumor of Source 2 being ported over to CSGO. In the light of the new leaks, leakers and content creators are certain that Valve might announce something concrete really soon.

Right when VALORANT the biggest threat to the dominance of CSGO came out the woodwork, Valve finally decided to show Counter-Strike the right amount of love that it certainly deserves.

Contrary to popular belief that VALORANT will “Kill CSGO“, there is enough space for both of these games to thrive and cherish. But, competition is always a good sign as consumers will benefit from it immensely. In the meantime, CSGO and source 2 has been turned into quite a meme in the Counter-strike community. Back in 2017, Valve devs pretty openly talked about Source 2 and CSGO. Since then there are still no official announcements from Valve on when we can actually expect to see CSGO running on source 2.

Although when Riot Games launched the closed beta for VALORANT, some rumors emerged that suggested source 2 may come sooner than expectation from Valve. This may be due to the pressure from VALORANT. Exactly when Riot announced VALORANT’s closed beta, suddenly Valve came up with some much-requested quality of life changes to CSGO.

However, we all have to keep our expectations in check. Even if CSGO runs on the new Source 2 engine, analysts predict that it will feel almost the same as it was before. Maybe with more visual features, slightly better mechanical changes, and a better texture streaming system that might allow low-end PCs to run it way better than before, etc. But nothing more substantial than that.

Furthermore, there is another rumor ongoing that hints at a “128” tick servers for CSGO. There is still no confirmation of that as of now. Both source 2 and 128 tick servers are rumored to be coming really soon. As we are dealing with Valve “time“, we still have no real timeline on these leaks.


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