Neon Inferno Jhin Prestige Skin Allegedly Leaked

A new leak has revealed Neon Inferno Jhin Prestige Edition and may come with a new skin line.

It has been a year since Jhin received a skin, and fans believe it is about time Jhin gets a new one.

However, according to some leaks, it seems that Jhin will receive a new skin very soon with the Neon Inferno Jhin Prestige Edition.

Neon Inferno Jhin Prestige Edition should come with the new “Neon Inferno” skin line. The skin line judging by its name should have a ‘Cyberpunk’ aesthetic. Who else other than Jhin will receive a Neon Inferno skin? We do not know yet but should find out in the next PBE cycle.

The skin line was supposed to come after the release of the Star Guardians’ event. Since Monster Tamers skins came to PBE first, we expect the Neon Inferno skins to come to PBE after the release of the Monster Tamer skins.

The leaks also revealed Ashen Knight Sylas, a new skin from the ‘Ashen Knights’ skin line. The previous skins were Ashen Knight Pyke and Ashen Knight Pantheon. The skins were massively popular, and Riot wants to capitalize on that popularity by releasing the Ashen Knight Sylas skin.

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Neon Inferno Jhin Skin

The skin was leaked by Big Bad Bear. He is well known in the league community for his accurate leaks. In a video uploaded to his Youtube channel, he states that the skin will be “Cyberpunk” themed.

We don’t know what Neon Inferno Jhin will look like, but we should find out in next week’s PBE cycle. The next PBE cycle starts on August 9. We will cover more details about the skin when it comes to PBE, so make sure to check us on Twitter.

Neon Inferno Jhin Prestige Edition is also the first Prestige skin that Jhin is getting, so the fans are very excited about the skin’s release.

Neon Inferno Jhin Prestige Skin Price

Neon Inferno Jhin Prestige Edition will come with a base Neon Inferno Jhin skin.

The base Neon Inferno skin will be an Epic skin and cost 1350 RP. Like most event Prestige skins, the Neon Inferno Jhin Prestige Edition will cost about 2000 Event Tokens.

When To Expect Neon Inferno Jhin?

The leaker suggests Neon Inferno Jhin will come to PBE on August 9 and ship to live servers on patch 12.16, August 25, 2022.

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