Ashen Knight Sylas Skin Allegedly Leaked

After the massive popularity of Ashen Knight Pyke skin and the lukewarm reception of Ashen Knight Pantheon, Riot wishes to revitalize the skin line with Ashen Knight Sylas.

The Ashen Knight skin line was released along with the Mythic Content Overhaul on June 23 and has been Riot’s one of the more popular skin lines. The skin line currently has two skins, Ashen Knight Pyke and Ashen Knight Pantheon.

Ashen Knight Pyke, which was released in patch 12.6, is considered by many to be the best Pyke skin released. Though not a legendary skin, its special effects, and sound designs are on par with or even better than most Legendary skins. Fan reception of Ashen Knight Pyke was overwhelmingly positive.

Ashen Knight Pantheon, released in patch 12.12, had quite a lukewarm reaction compared to its predecessor. The fans felt as if the skin was too similar to Ashen knight Pyke, and some also voiced their complaints about the lack of armor in the skin.

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During the next Mythic Shop rotation, Ashen Knight Pantheon is rumored to be replaced by the upcoming skin Ashen Knight Sylas.

Ashen Knight Sylas Skin

Ashen Knight Sylas, along with Prestige Neon Inferno Jhin, was leaked by Big Bad Bear (@BigBadBear), who is known for many accurate leaks.

Ashen Knight Sylas should have the same ‘Dark Souls’ aesthetic, just like its predecessors, Ashen Knight Pyke and Ashen Knight Pantheon. The skin should be amazing if it is anything like Ashen Knight Pyke.

Ashen Knight Sylas Skin Price

Like the previous skins, Ashen Knight Sylas will also cost 100 Mythic Essence in the mythic shop and include an icon and a loading screen border along with the skin. The skin will be available for three months.

Release Date

Ashen Knight Sylas should be available in Patch 12.18, which will roll out on September 21, 2022.

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