Will Naafiri Be Playable at LoL Worlds 2023?

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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This is where to look to know whether Naafiri will be in Worlds 2023.

Over the course of League of Legends, we have had quite a lot of balance changes and champions released. One of the latest champions to come out is Naafiri, and Riot is coming out with Briar soon.

Naafiri did not get a lot of marketing initially, barring the references of being a dog and a Darkin. As we approached the release date for Naafiri, more and more info started flooding in.

What has been more interesting about Naafiri is how Riot looks at her. She was made as an easy-to-play Assassin so that people could learn how to play Assassins. Naafiri has also received a hotfix, and Riot has clarified on this occasion why they are not nerfing Naafiri in 13.15.

Given how early she was released, we expected her to be in Pro Play. However, many of the Pro Play leagues have not caught up to speed on patches. Thus, it was a question as to whether we will see Naafiri at Worlds 2023. Hence, this is the place to find out whether Naafiri will be at Worlds 2023 based on what we know so far.

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Will Naafiri Be Enabled At Worlds 2023?

This year, Worlds is delayed due to the Asian Games, so that would give Naafiri plenty of time to be enabled for the 2nd part of the rule. Riot Meddler confirmed it as such on Reddit as well. He also said Briar will not be available as she is not applicable for either part of the rule above.

So there is pretty much no doubt Naafiri will be at Worlds 2023 since she came out at the end of August, and Worlds 2023 will start on October 10, 2023. So we will see the doggo at Worlds 2023, and it will be interesting to see if any teams pick her at the time.

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