Lies of P (LOP): How to Unlock Hermit’s Cave

Samia Awal Moon
By Samia Awal Moon
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How to Unlock Hermit's Cave in Lies of P

Here is how to unlock Hermit’s Cave in Lies of P.

Lies of P is an action RPG that has captured the player’s interest for its stunning graphics and sinister atmosphere. The mysterious plots and playstyle can make players want to go deeper into the dark realm. Even though the game does not provide the typical open-world experience, it still allows players to fully explore. While playing the main quests, players will come across different places and NPCs. There is one place that players won’t encounter during the primary story mission. It is Hermit’s Cave.

As a secret place, finding the Hermit’s Cave will be difficult. If you like to explore hidden areas, this is the perfect opportunity the game provides. The world of Lies of P is full of liars and betrayers. Players need to be very cautious to believe anyone. In this guide, we will show the way to unlock Hermit’s Cave.

How to Unlock Hermit’s Cave in Lies of P (LOP)

At the very beginning, head towards Barren Swamp Bridge. There, you will encounter an NPC named Explorer Hugo beside the gate. Keep talking to Hugo until he runs out of dialogue, and you will get a Cryptic Vessel. Head back to the hotel Krat and give the Cryptic Vessel to Venigni. Play the main quest as the story takes you, and reach the top of the building with all the sworders in Collapsed Street.

There, you will encounter some enemy puppets. Amongst them will be a puppet with flames. Take him out or walk past him, your choice. After a while, you will find a chest containing a Special Krat Supply Box.

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Take the Special Krat Supply Box to the hotel and give it to Venigni’s puppet, Polendina. After that, you can purchase a Rusty Cryptic Vessel from Polendina’s updated shop. Give that to Venigni and head back to Barren Swamp Bridge.

You have now successfully unlocked the Hermit’s Cave. Now, you can proceed a new journey of unknown.

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