Lies of P (LOP): All Legion Caliber Locations

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Legion Caliber locations in Lies of P are very important to unlock Legion Arm and modify it at the workbench. We will show you all Legion Caliber locations in this guide.

Lies of P is the latest RPG with action and a top-notch, souls-like gaming experience. You can roleplay as Pinocchio, but in robotic puppet form with a third-person perspective. Explore the city of Krat and gather resources to craft items and weapons. However, Lies of P is not an open-world game, but there are thrilling guests and missions at every corner, and visiting different parts of the city will be a remarkable experience for you.

As mentioned, different quests and tasks are scattered through every corner of Krat. Some specific locations may enable players to unlock exclusive trophies and achievements. The Legion Caliber in Lies of P are those places that will help the players open the strongest Legion Arm to earn the Legion Arm Collector Trophy later in the game.

All Legion Caliber Locations

There are in total 15 Legion Caliber Locations in Lies of P. You have to follow each of the locations one by one in chronological order. All the Legion Caliber locations are:

Here’s a table with the locations of the Legion Caliber in the game:

LocationHow to Obtain
Workshop Union EntranceA cage that was dropped due to the flood will appear before you. Get inside and fight the mini-boss enemy, and after the defeat, he will drop the Legion Caliber.
St. Frangelico Cathedral LibraryFind the Decay trickling room with a ceiling, locate a chest, and open it to get the Legion Caliber.
Malum DistrictGet back to Stargazer from the Red Lobster Inn. Go forward, and you will find a ladder. Climb it, and there will be a chest with the Caliber.
Hotel Krat (Estella Opera House)Get into the room at the Estella Opera House that is quieter. You might find two ladders up there. If you go up the smaller one, you might find a chest with a Jeweled Cryptic Vessel inside.

If you bring the ship to Venigni, he’ll give you a Decryption in exchange. Please bring it to the Stargazer in Cerasani Alley and look for a barrel. You can find the caliber by doing the Check Gesture near the gun.
Hotel Krat (Poledina’s Shop expansion)Again, you can find another Caliber spot at Hotel Krat. After beating up angry dolls, go to the Collapsed Workshop Tower to get the Special Krat Supply Box. Then, return the Krat Supply box and go to Poledina’s shop to get the Caliber.
Hotel Krat (Collapsed Workshop Tower)After facing the angry puppets in the Collapsed Workshop Tower, get the Special Krat Supply Box. Then, get the Caliber from Poledina’s shop.
Grand Exhibition GalleryFind the Caliber in a box behind a big robot in a room at the Exhibition. To get another Caliber, you must kill the boxer puppet in the room that looks like a greenhouse.
Barren Swamp: EntranceOn your way from the Stargazer, you have to beat the electric Mad Clown Puppet. The Caliber item will fall off the dummy.
Barren SwampFind a canyon after passing the two dummy robots of the future. You might find the thing at the bottom of the canyon.
Abandoned ApartmentYou can buy it for 4,000 Ergo from the Wandering Merchant.
Relic of Trismegistus EntranceYou can get this Caliber from Elite Decay enemies. They drop it before the boss fights with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
Arche Abbey: Outer WallGet into the room with the beams; there should be a lift around here. Get in and find a chest with the Caliber at the halfway point.
Arche Abbey Broken RiftFight the two swordsmen on the stairs and cause the elite a lot of damage. To get the Caliber, you have to kill the baddies on the wall.
Arche Abbey Upper Part:Internal BridgeOnce on the metal sheet bridge, go to the right side to find a box with the item.
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