LoL Skarner Rework Allegedly Leaked

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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A Skarner update is coming in 2023, as an alleged rumor has leaked.

Riot constantly updates League of Legends to improve or spice up the game. With regular patches, the meta constantly shifts, and introducing new champions always gives you something new. Also, adding skins and such keeps players interested in the game.

One of the types of updates that Riot has been rolling out are reworks or mini-reworks. This is Riot’s attempt to make champions falling into the wayside more relevant. We have seen the Ahri mini-rework, Udyr Rework, and Maokai updates in the past few months. Riot has created a checklist of champions they want to change because it has completely fallen off and is not being played much.

There was voting earlier this year for the VGU poll, where Skarner emerged victorious by a wide margin. The champion has been widely lauded for needing a rework. That was shown in the votes, and Skarner will receive it along with Rell.

On the docket are champions like Rell and Skarner. Skarner’s rework has been officially confirmed to come out next year. With that said, a while ago, one of Skarner’s rework abilities got leaked allegedly, and here is what we know about it.

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Skarner Rework Leaked Abilities

Based on what we know from this Reddit Post, only Skarner’s alleged Ultimate ability is known. Here is what we know about his Ultimate Ability.

  • His ultimate is turning into an AoE to abduct multiple enemies and deal damage to all of them.
  • The ability’s cooldown, along with the duration of abduction and the damage, is scaled with levels as usual with ultimate abilities.
  • Skarner maintains bonus movement speed and Brackern’s Rend (new ability name maybe) for the duration of the abduction.

An image is shared across social media, but there is no way to validate it as true. However, the information that has come out about the reworked ability is getting traction, with no official news yet.

Skarner Rework Release Date

All we know of the Skarner Rework release date is that it will come in 2023. What time or date of 2023 is yet to be announced and leaked. We will update on our social media channels and website when we know more.

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