Rell Rework Allegedly Leaked

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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The promised Rell rework might have just been leaked.

The long-awaited Rell rework has been leaked recently. And according to said leaks, the rework will feature some fascinating changes and provide Rell with much-needed quality-of-life changes.

Rell, The Iron Maiden, thematically is one of League of Legends‘ most interesting champions. She has an excellent design, a solid concept, and a well-written backstory story but lacks in the gameplay department.

Ever since her release in 2020, she has been plagued with various issues, lack of damage, and clunky mechanics, to name a few. Her kit also feels somewhat outdated, even though she was released only two years prior. So the players, especially the Rell mains, have been asking for a rework for quite some time. Finally, adhering to the player’s wishes, Riot announced that they would rework Rell.

Although the rework was said to be released later this year, some details have just been leaked on Twitter.

YouTube video

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Rell Rework Leaked Abilities

Q – Shattering Strike

  • Rell thrusts her lance, destroying all Shields and dealing magic damage.
  • Shielded units hit by Shattering Strike are slowed when moving away from Rell.

The reworked Q will remain mostly the same, but she will lose the ability to heal on champion hits but will gain the ability to slow enemies.

W – Ferromancer’s Vow

  • Rell becomes Unstoppable for 2 seconds and gains Move Speed towards nearby ally champions.
  • After 2 seconds, Rell grants a Shield that rapidly decays over 2 seconds.
  • Ferromancer’s Vow will prioritize the nearest ally champion with the least resistance.

Rell’s old W has been replaced with a completely new ability. The new W allows her to shield her allies while gaining movement speed toward nearby allies.

E – Magnetic Overload

  • Rell explodes in a magnetic fury, violently Pulling nearby enemies towards herself.
  • Rell constantly draws nearby enemies towards herself and deals magic damage over the next 3 seconds.
  • After 3 seconds, the magnetic fury retracts, Stunning all enemies caught inside for 1 second and dealing magic damage.

Rell’s current ultimate ability has been swapped with her new E ability. This will allow her to stun multiple enemies with less than a 30-second cooldown.

R – Ferromancy: Crash Down

  • Passive – Mounted: Rell gains Move Speed; this movement speed bonus is doubled when near an allied champion.
  • Active – Ferromancy – Crash Down: Rell leaps off her mount, Knocking Up enemies and dealing magic damage. Rell then enters Dismounted form, gaining a temporary Shield, reducing her Move Speed, and allowing her to use Ferromancy – Rising Shrapnel.
  • Passive – Dismounted: Rell gains Armor and Magic Resist and grants nearby allied champion Armor and Magic Resist.
  • Active – Ferromancy – Rising Shrapnel: Rell unleashes a pillar of shrapnel in front of her, Flinging enemies over her head and dealing magic damage. Rell then enters Mounted form, gaining Move Speed for 1 second and allowing her to use Ferromancy – Crash Down.

Her current mount/dismount system will be the new ultimate ability with a slight buff to armor, magic resistance, and shields.

To summarize, Rell’s new rework is a step taken in the right direction. She will be getting a massive buff all across the board, especially in terms of providing more crowd control. She will also be much more durable. From the looks of it, she might actually become a strong champion upon the rework’s release.

Release Date

The release date for the Rell rework has not been revealed yet, but it is scheduled to come out within 2022. And judging by how much progress has been made, we believe it will arrive sometime in mid-November.

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