Loba Will be the Next Legend to Receive Prestige Skin Treatment after Revenant

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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According to leaks, Loba is set to receive a premium prestige skin right after Revenant.

Apex Legends is nearing the end of season 18. This season, Respawn focused on the rework of Revenant, giving the ruthless assassin an updated kit. Alongside that, Fuse had also received his heirloom. Furthermore, with the final collection event coming up, the community is excited about what Respawn is bringing to the table.

The Doppelganger Collection Event is set to be the third and final event for this season. This update will come out with Revenant’s prestige skin alongside some unique collectible cosmetics and a new Limited Time Mode for Halloween. However, new leaks suggest that Loba’s Prestige Skin might be upcoming as well.

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Loba Prestige Skin is Being Worked on

There have been leaks that “Loba Prestige Skin is being worked on.” This came from Twitter user @HYPERMYSTx, who has been reliable with Apex leaks and information in the past. The information also makes sense, as the latest Prestige skin will be Revenant’s “Apex Nightmare.”

Till now, there are 5 Prestige Skin sets available, with Valkyrie being the only one outside of the original roster of 8. With the newest collection event, Revenant will be joining this roster as the 6th prestige skin introduced into the game after Valkyrie back in July of this year.

Loba’s Prestige Skin coming out right after Revenant is a genuine possibility, as even from a lore perspective, their stories are connected. She was released in Season 5: Fortune’s Favor, and her reveal trailer also shows animosity towards the contract killer turned Simulacrum.

When will Loba’s Prestige Skin come out?

As of now, there are no direct indications or announcements from Respawn. While information like this is usually kept quiet, data mining typically reveals an expected time of release. Currently, there have been no confirmed dates for the release or how the skin will look. Speculators and enthusiasts can assume that Loba’s Prestige skin will be released in Season 19. Nonetheless, take it with a grain of salt.

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