Apex Legends “Doppelganger” Collection Event: Revenant Prestige Skin, New LTM & Cosmetics, and More

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Data miners have revealed the third Collection Event of Season 18. According to the leaks, it is called “Doppelganger.”

Because Apex Legends is a live-service title, Respawn chose the microtransaction model to generate revenue. As a result, Respawn creates new skins and cosmetic items in order to earn money from the game.

These skins become available in the game via special store sales, regular events, and Collection Events. Collection Events are the most popular of these mediums because they bring in more cosmetic items than anything else. Furthermore, these Collection Events add Heirlooms and Prestige skins to the game.

Two Collection Events have already been released in Season 18. The first was Death Dynasty, which debuted alongside Season 18. On September 19, the second Collection Event went live, bringing Fuse’s Heirloom. And the third one is on the way!

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Doppelganger Collection Event

Thanks to data miners, the third Collection Event of Season 18 has also been leaked. This Collection Event appears to be called Doppelganger, and it will bring Revenant’s Prestige skin into the game along with a whole bunch of new cosmetic skins. Not to mention, the event will include a brand-new LTM.

Revenant “Apex Nightmare” Prestige Skin

Players can unlock the Apex Nightmare Prestige skin after collecting all 24 items in the Doppelganger Collection Event. Similar to previous Prestige skins, it’ll have three tiers and a unique finisher. Not only that, the Apex Nightmare Prestige skin will also come with a unique Skydive trail.

Revenant "Apex Nightmare" Prestige Skin
Credit: Kralrindo

New Skins

Like Always, there’ll be 24 Collectible cosmetic items in the Doppelganger Collection Event. You can buy Doppelganger Apex packs or use Crafting materials to unlock these items.

Here’s the full Collection Event item showcase:

YouTube video

New LTM: Tricks n’ Treats Trios

Respawn will release a new LTM called Tricks n’ Treats Trios to commemorate Halloween. According to the description, players will be able to use a new survival item called Copycat Kit. This kit will grant a reusable copy of a Legend’s Tactical or Ultimate ability.

There will also be Nessie Candy scattered throughout the map. Players can consume these Candies to gain EVO points and an Ultimate charge. Because there will be no armor spawns as floor loot, make sure to pick up and eat these Candies.

Tricks n' Treats Trios

Doppelganger Collection Event Release Date

The Apex Legends Doppelganger Collection Event will go live on October 17, 2023.

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