From a Meta character, Seer’s Pick-rate has Dropped to 1% in Apex Legends

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: EA

Seer, who was one of the go-to picks in Apex, has fallen out of favor in recent patches.

Apex Legends is well into its 18th season, with major reworks to Revenant and Fuse’s Heirloom as well. While these were the talking points of the latest season, the reworks of other Legends went under the radar for a while. However, players have caught up to the changes, and now Seer is facing the effects of the balance changes.

As Season 18 progresses, Seer has seen a sharp decline in pick rates. This is even more surprising, as this season did not add a new Legend and instead reworked an existing one. Seer was one of the go-to recon Legends with his disruption and scanning abilities. Respawn decided something had to be done, and the underlying numbers show a dire sign for Seer mains.

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Seer’s Changes in Season 18

In the Resurrection update, Seer’s tactical ability, “Focus of Attention,” received a significant nerf. Players soon understood the nerfs were too much to handle, and other Legends filled his role better with less of a handicap.

At first glance, Respawn’s changes didn’t seem too harsh. However, Seer’s weakness was exposed once players realized what differences a few seconds can make. Respawn handed out some punishing changes:

  • Seer’s Focus of Attention (Q):
    • Slow Duration reduced to 0.5s (was 2.5s)
    • Silence Duration reduced to 8s (was 10s)
    • Firing Speed increased to 1.4s (was 0.9s)

The slow duration was the most nerfed aspect of his tactical ability. This, combined with the increased time to fire, made Seer’s tactical redundant at worst and barely functional at best.

Changes to the Pick Rate

After his debuffs, the trends show the player base quickly reacting to the changes. Seer’s pick rate dropped by almost 1% practical overnight and close to 2.6% across the season. Currently, he sits at the bottom of all the legends. Crypto has finally gotten out of the bottom slot, overtaking Seer by 0.1%

From a Meta character, Seer’s Pick-rate has Dropped to 1% in Apex Legends
Credit: ApexLegendsStatus

What’s Next for Seer?

The recon legend has fallen out of favor from the fast-paced meta of the Apex Games. As long as his abilities cannot support the skirmishers in the squad, it feels unlikely that Seer will return to the stage as a top-tier pick. Until Respawn rebalances his abilities, Seer might linger at the bottom of the table.

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