League of Legends Patch 10.25 Changes: Crit ADC Buff, Support Buff, Tank Nerf, and More

Riot is going to focus on underperforming champions and classes in League of Legends patch 10.25.

League of Legends is currently in preseason where Riot brings meta defining new changes into the game. While the preseason patch 10.23 was all about pushing the new items in the game, the second patch 10.24 was about balancing all the “broken” and “overpowered” items.

Even with the hotfix nerfs, Tanks are still dominating the soloq in terms of win rate while mages and supports are struggling to match the other lanes. Moreover, with the new crit changes a lot of the ADC players are saying that besides few champions, most of the ADCs now feel very underwhelming to play.

And now, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has previewed the third preseason patch 10.25 to balance the champions in League of Legends.

“Focus this time is more on the underperforming champs and classes after the nerf heavy 10.24,” Riot Scruffy on patch 10.25 changes.

Preseason Patch 10.25 Release Date

The third patch of the 2021 preseason, patch 10.25 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, Dec 9, 2020.

Patch 10.25 Early Preview

Here are the changes Riot is planning for the upcoming patch 10.25:

  • Crit ADC buffs
  • Support role (especially enchanter) buffs
  • Other areas were burst is increased from s10 (10.23 fixes a lot of these in the AP items but there are few other cases)
  • Tanks still may be OP after the nerfs (slightly, not nearly as much as before)
  • Champs that used to buy Tiamat first needing help (Rengar, etc)
  • Unbinding champs that need tear so they can have it as an option but not mandatory (Kassadin, Anivia, Cass)
  • Some specific AP junglers who still need buffs after the item buffs (Taliyah etc)
  • Pantheon Solo Lane shift

The changes are still in an early stage and base on the patch 10.24 feedback, Riot will share more information about patch 10.25 buffs, nerfs, and adjustments very soon.


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