Riot has reportedly shadow nerfed Kalista in the preseason patch 10.23

A lot of players are currently reporting that Riot has shadow nerfed Kalista in patch 10.23.

League of Legends’ 2021 preseason patch was the biggest patch of the year bringing in some meta defining changes to the items. And on top of all the item changes, Riot also gave major updates to champions like Viktor, Ornn, Twitch, and other champions.

However, recently on the KalistaMains subreddit, a lot of players are reporting that Riot has unintentionally nerfed Kalista in the preseason patch 10.23 without documenting it anywhere.

Reddit user u/Virusattribute0 has reported the issue saying that “Kalista has been shadow nerfed. This is not a bug, I tested it and the numbers really are lower.”

Subsequently, many other Kalista mains have also confirmed this shadow nerf on her E where its AD ratio is now reduced to around 5% at max level. After seeing all the reports on undocumented nerf on Kalista E, Reddit user u/poisi4rum has reached out to Riot support to ask whether it was a mistake or not.

“That’s pretty lame that we missed out on documenting this,” Riot Eric replied. “I’m not sure if we’ll actually make a visual update on the Patch Note page but I do agree that this is really important to note if this was an intentional change.”

However, after these complaints, the undocumented nerfs or the shadow nerf is finally listed on the League of Legends Wiki page. And here are the shadow nerfs that Kalista received in patch 10.23:

  • Martial Poise
    • Dash distance gained from finished boots is reduced.
  • Pierce
    • The projectile would only transfer 1 additional stack of Rend from the dead unit if Kalista did not auto-attack the secondary target before transferring. (The secondary target would have at most 2 spears inside them)
  • Rend
    • AD ratio reduced to 50% AD from 60% AD.
    • AD ratio per additional spear reduced to 18 / 21 / 24 / 27 / 30% AD from 19.8 / 23.748 / 27.498 / 31.248 / 34.998% AD.
    • The slow is now applied independently and before the damage dealt.

Moreover, according to the League of Legends Wiki, the changes were not documented as they were “unintentional”.

With this shadow nerf, currently, Kalista only has a 47.68% win rate in the soloq in patch 10.23. Therefore players are wondering whether Riot is going to revert the new changes in the upcoming patch or not.

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