Riot shares the new item icons clarity update to fix the annoying similar look problem in patch 10.24

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image Via Riot Games

A new item clarity update is on the way so that League of Legends players can now easily distinguish between the new icons.

Riot Games has introduced a lot of new things in the League of Legends preseason patch, but the main highlight of the patch was the introduction of the new item class and item overhaul. All the items in the item shop look and feel completely different now with new icons and stats. However, many players are showing their concerns about the icons and complaining that it is now way harder to distinguish the new icons from one another.

Players Complain

Soon after the preseason went live the main thing that caught everyone’s eye was how similar the icons look in the item shop. The majority of the item stats are entirely new and while players are trying to adjust to the new items, the same colored background, and similar icon look are making it even harder.

League of Legends’ ex-pro player Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont joked about the new items at the start of the preseason saying that he will be needing a “2nd pair of glasses to start spotting the difference ingame.”

In addition to that, the League of Legends community was full of complaints as well. Many players were saying that the “redesigned items feel incredibly hard to distinguish from each other.”

Based on all the complaints the major problem with the new items are its icons where they look very related to each other. Many players are even saying that items look like they have been taken straight from another game.

Furthermore, Reddit user u/evsboi even reported that the new shop is not compatible with being colorblind and having a tough time distinguishing between new item icons.

Riot’s Response

Riot however has been closely monitoring all the feedback from the League of Legends players and today, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has revealed that they are already working on adjusting the item icons.

According to Riot Scruffy, the main goal of this new update is to improve the Icon clarity by making them less noisy and having icons with a clearer silhouette. They are also working on making more color separation on the icons while giving them Rendering polish.

Updated Icons for Patch 10.24

Here are the updated new icons that will go live in the upcoming patch 10.24:

Updated Icons for Patch 10.24
Image Via Riot Games

Comparison of the new and previous icons:

Comparison of the new and previous icons
Image Via u/uppityuwu

GIF comparing new vs old icons:

Via u/Lord_0f_Lemons

All the new icon changes will go live on patch 10.24 which is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020.

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