League of Legends Upcoming Mage Champion for 2024 Allegedly Leaked

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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League’s new Vastayan mid-range mage for 2024 is allegedly called “Aurora.”

Over the last few years, Riot has been releasing multiple new champions — 4 to 5 champions to League of Legends. But based on players’ feedback, Riot pretty much said last year that they will now be focusing more on champion reworks, ASU, and other updates rather than just releasing new champions.

As per last year’s champion roadmap, we now already have Smolder and Skarner rework in the Rift this year, and the only thing left behind is the Vastayan Solo Laner.

Naturally, players were curious about the new champion, and that ignited even further when last week, Riot released a new emote called ‘Note Taken’ for the upcoming ‘The Spirit of Hearth Home’ event. Many players including prominent leaker Big Bad Bear have been speculating that the new icon and emote could be related to the Freljord’s female champion Riot mentioned last year.

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Vastayan Mage Codename – “Aurora”

Among many other things, there were two things that were datamined from the PBE. One is the ‘Note Taken’ emote and the other is the ‘Hooded Figure Icon.’ These are important for this article because they resemble a woman who based on appearance seems to be from the north – Freljord and perfectly matches the descriptions Riot previously mentioned.

Note Taken Emote - Vastayan mid-range mage
Note Taken Emote
Hooded Figure Icon - Vastayan mid-range mage
Hooded Figure Icon

In the emote, the woman is holding a notepad which is very similar to Riot’s official teaser image where there was also a notepad.

Vastayan mid-range mage notepad
Official teaser’s notepad

Moreover, Big Bad Bear also leaked an audio file from the upcoming event titled “amb_forgeentrance” which has a Freljordian snowy sound effect, further confirming the Vastayan solo laner.

Even though no official name has been revealed so far, based on PBE, the emote is filled under the codename “Aurora” which could also be the name of the upcoming Vastayan mage champion.

As for the release date, there are no official announcements. But the emote and icon should be released on patch 14.11. So, there’s a chance that we might be getting the Vastayan mage champion on patch 14.12 PBE, if not, during the Summer Event.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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