LoL Summer 2024 Event Skins Allegedly Leaked

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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One of the biggest League of Legends events of 2024 might feature the Anima Squad skin line, as per new leaks.

Summer Events has always been at the center of anticipation for many League of Legends players. These events usually feature multiple skins — including high-tier ones, new gamemode, and some extra content.

Even though Riot has yet to make any official announcement for 2024, prominent League of Legends leaker Big Bad Bear has revealed that at the big Summer 2024 event we are going to see the return of the Anima Squad skin line featuring multiple prestige skins.

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Leaked Anima Squad 2024 Skins

So far, Big Bad Bear has leaked four champions getting the Anima Squad 2024 skins. Yuumi and Leona are expected to have the Prestige edition.

Here are the champions getting Anima Squad skins in 2024:

(All the skins are speculative so take them with a grain of salt.)

  • Seraphine (Legendary)
  • Aatrox (Primordian, Legendary)
  • Yasuo
  • Illaoi
  • Yuumi + Prestige
  • Leona + Prestige
  • Zoe
  • New Mage Champion

Summer 2024 Event Game Mode

It has already been confirmed that the Summer or Mid-Year Event is going to feature the new Bullet Heaven Survivor PvE game mode.

Summner 2024 Event Game Mode
Image Via Riot Games

Although not much has been revealed regarding the details of the game mode, players will be able to play both solo and with their friends. Based on the picture, it looks like players will have to survive the hoards of enemies for a certain period of time. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the game mode is similar to Odyssey: Extraction, Invasion, or even the better version of those.

New leaks suggest that Aatrox will be the final boss of this PvE game mode. Aatrox will have the Primordian skin.

Though speculative, Anima Squad has some enemy skins that would fit perfectly in the PvE game mode.

lol pve event enemy
lol pve event enemy

Update May 25: Added new champions who will get Anima Squad 2024 skins along with a new PvE game mode detail.

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