League of Legends Will Have The “Biggest” Budget Of All Time in 2023

News has come out that League of Legends’ budget will be the biggest of all time in 2023.

League of Legends has kept growing over the course of the past few years. Every year, Riot has tried to make good changes to the game. Preseason 2023 is a big indicator of that. While the intention is well-meaning, things do not go entirely as planned.

2022 caused a lot of strange bugs and such to surface. Worlds 2022 bugs are the primary example of that, considering what has happened. Patch 12.22B also fixed a major bug in the game as well while the Neeko bug popped up and forced Riot to disable the champion for a while.

While those bugs have been a problem, Riot has made some great changes. The meta at Worlds 2022 was great, and there have been some interesting additions made to the game. The new communication wheel is helpful, and the ARAM rework coming soon is an incredible change for regular players.

Thus, with news coming out, it seems Riot is planning something bigger for League of Legends in 2023, according to Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent. Here is what we know about it so far.

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Riot CEO’s Statement

Nicolo Laurent, Riot’s CEO, was in an interview talking about the budget coming to League of Legends. BigBadBear made a translation on his youtube channel and explained what the CEO wanted to say.

In the video, Riot’s CEO said he approved a budget for 2023 that will be the “biggest budget of all time” for them. Also, he said that he aims to double whatever Riot has done in the past 13 to 14 years to make the game multi-generational. So essentially, Riot Games will have its biggest year in terms of budget in 2023, according to Nicolo Laurent, Riot’s CEO.

The bigger question is where that money will be going in League of Legends. There are many issues to fix, like the various old bugs that pop up and the client itself. So many things to work on that Riot will have to change over time systematically. Hopefully, this year will be the start of that reformation.

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