All Major Bugs Occurred at Worlds 2022

Worlds 2022 has had a lot of bugs so far, and here are some of the major ones.

League of Legends is a frequently updated game. The game has about 2 patches a month which are mostly balanced changes. Along with balance changes, we get cosmetics, new champions, etc. That has been the modus operandi of League of Legends for the past few years.

With frequent updates come many bugs, and League of Legends has its fair share of them. Most of them are typically visual bugs where the visuals of an ability or terrain bug out while the actual thing is working as intended.

However, a lot of the time, these bugs bleed into gameplay. When those cases happen, we typically have the champions disabled or even skins disabled if the graphical bugs interfere with the gameplay. These bugs affect the live servers along with the competitive builds as well.

Typically for the leagues and esports tournaments, Riot has a known bug list that is given to every team so that the teams are aware of the bugs. As long as the teams know and sign off on them, games go on, and the bug is ignored. With this approach, major bugs are never let through and are fixed, while some bugs that pester remain with the teams knowing they exist.

It’s not the best solution, but it works. However, Worlds 2022 has seen its fair share of bugs so far. The Orianna bug was the most noticed one, as Riot had to disable the champion. So let’s talk about the bugs we have seen in Worlds 2022 and their severity.

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Orianna Bug

Let’s start with the Orianna Bug. We extensively covered that in this article as well. The bug is essentially a visual bug that bled into the gameplay. The bug was as follows:

  • When Orianna casts R – Shockwave as her E – Command Protect arrived to an ally, the ability would visually trigger on top of Orianna even though the actual ability effects would be on the shielded ally.

Many fans and Riot visually spotted this bug and took action to disable Orianna.

The bug was fixed a few days later, and Orianna is enabled again.

Azir + Rakan + Lee Sin Bug

This bug was spotted by Erik Wessen, aka Treatz, where Azir could cast his ultimate even when he was cc-chained.

The interesting thing about this bug is that two bugs could be in play. One is the Azir casting his ultimate while CC’d bug, which is most likely one of the known bugs in the bugs list. The other one is also a known bug related to charms. Since Rakan’s ultimate charms champions, it is well known that people can use abilities or summoner spells while charmed. Since it is a known bug, teams already knew about it, but it’s a bummer to see it impact a game like this.

Darius Bug

Next, we have the Darius Bug, which has caused quite a firestorm. Fans have taken to social media to point out that the bug was game-breaking and the game should have had a chronobreak. However, there is more to it.

This bug has been well-known for a while as well. Darius players have encountered this bug more than once, at least. There should also be no real controversy, as the bug really did not impact the game. Even if Darius got his ult back, he would not have had his passive maxed. Thus, with no max passive and low health, he probably would have died before anything major happened.

However, the bug has existed for a long time and should be fixed.

Gnar Bug

The boomerang bug is one of the oldest bugs ever since Gnar was released. His boomerang changes direction instead of coming back. It came to the spotlight a few days ago in the TES vs. DRX match.

Again, it is another one of those old bugs that Riot never fixed. While consequential as it is, this also requires precise movements to replicate it. Riot has essentially left it in the known bug list, but it should be fixed, given it can be replicated.

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