Is There a Way to Check MMR in League of Legends Anymore?

Is there a way to check your MMR? Let us find out.

The Match Making Rating or the MMR system represents the player’s skill level in League of Legends. It is a part of Riot Games’ matchmaking system that dictates which players you match up against in Ranked, ARAM, or Normal games.

Many people confuse the MMR system with Riot’s old ELO system, but they are somewhat different. The ELO system, used in the early days of the League, is akin to the current LP system. The ELO or LP system is an indicator of your rank. You can earn LP by winning games or lose LP by losing games. You can also move divisions after gaining 100 LP.

The MMR system, on the other hand, determines which players you get matched up with. For example, a Platinum rank player can match up with Diamond players if his MMR is high, or he could match up with a High Gold player if his MMR is low. But, unlike the LP system, MMR is hidden from the players and can only be seen by Riot.

So players have asked Riot to be more transparent about the MMR system over the years, but it seems Riot is not planning to do so anytime soon. Thus many people resorted to third-party websites to check their MMR.

Do these websites still work in 2022? Well, let’s find out.

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Checking Your MMR

The website many fans used to check their MMR was It is a third-party website that roughly gave an estimation of your MMR in Ranked, ARAM, and Normal games. The site, released in 2016, was one of the only ways to check your MMR.

But earlier this year, the site stopped working. Many speculate it may be due to Riot Games’ policy changes. According to Riot’s new policy, “Products cannot create alternatives for official skill ranking systems such as the ranked ladder. Prohibited alternatives include MMR or ELO calculators.”

This marks the end of one of the last ways to check your MMR in League of Legends. And with all MMR or ELO calculators prohibited by Riot, we will not be getting any new way of checking MMR anytime soon.

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