Riot Is Changing The Default Canon Design Of Vayne

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

More than a decade after her introduction, Riot is finally changing Vayne’s default cannon design.

Vayne was released in late 2011. Even though Vayne is an old champion, she always stays above the meta one way or another.

Vayne, even though considered an ADC, she shines mainly in the top lane. Her strength in the top lane mostly comes from her excessive damage. Vayne is some of the only characters in League of Legends who can deal a high amount of True damage. True damage is a type of damage that cannot be countered with Magic Resist or Armor.

Regardless of how good she is in-game, her lore is also very well-made compared to some of the other champions who came out during that period.

Vayne’s original lore was that she is a Damacian monster hunter. She mostly spends her time trying to find the monster who killed her monster. That monster is Evelynn. After her parent’s death, she went to Freljord to learn how to kill monsters. The default Vayne we see in League of Legends is the Vayne we see during that period.

Even though that’s the Vayne we see in-game, behind the scene, Riot was trying to add more lore to their pre-existing characters.

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Sentinels Of Light Vayne

When the Ruination happened, Vayne was in Damacia, trying to fight against Viego’s harrowing. During one of those harrowing, Vayne encountered the Sentinels of Lights. The members at the time were Senna and Lucian. After the fight against the harrowing and seeing that Vayne’s silver weapons were useless against the black mist, Vayne offers to join the Sentinels in exchange for Relic weapons. She was taken to Sentinels of Light headquarters and given the Sentinels uniform and a Relic crossbow.

During the Ruination event, many other champions joined the Sentinels of Light. Some of those champions are Graves, Pyke, Diana, Irelia, Riven, etc. But they left after they beat the Ruined King, except for Vayne, who stayed in the Sentinels and took their post in Damacia while Lucian and Senna hunted down Thresh.

Vayne’s New Canon Redesign

vayne canon design
Image Credits: Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra is a card game based on League of Legends. Even so, LoR sticks closer to the lore than League of Legends.

As the Domination expansion is on the horizon for Legends of Runeterra, Riot has announced that 3 champions are coming to Legends of Runeterra from League of Legends. These three champions are Varus, Seraphine, and Vayne.

Vayne is the last champion to be revealed for the Domination expansion. In her reveal trailer, she wears her Sentinels uniform instead of her Vigilante suit, which can be seen in League of Legends.

This reveal confirms that Sentinal Vayne is the current default canon Vayne in the lore. This situation is similar to Miss Fortune and Gangplank’s current canon appearance. Currently, the default Miss Fortune is Captain Fortune skin in-game, and Gangplank’s current canon design is Gangplank the Betrayer skin in-game.

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