Riot Hotfixes Orianna Bug on League of Legends Patch 12.19

Riot has fixed the Orianna Bug that made her unplayable in Patch 12.19 in League of Legends.

With every new patch to League of Legends, Riot tries to add or change parts of the game. The major changes are either in the middle of the season or at the end of the preseason. Other than those changes, tweaks are always done in the rest of the patches that are rolled out during the season.

In any case, the tweaks revolve around which champions are strong and which are not. So the buffs and nerfs of each patch note depend on how the champions are doing in the game. With patches coming out once every two weeks during the season, many tweaks are implemented to make the game fair.

However, bugs pop up whenever something gets added or changed in the game. This case was no different for Patch 12.19, as a champion-breaking bug for Orianna popped up. This caused her to be disabled for Worlds 2022 and also in-game. Riot has now fixed the bug in a mid-patch hotfix.

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What is the Orianna Bug?

The Orianna Bug that popped revolved around her R – Shockwave. Here is the exact bug that occurred with the champion.

  • When Orianna casts R – Shockwave as her E – Command Protect arrived to an ally, the ability would visually trigger on top of Orianna even though the actual ability effects would be on the shielded ally.

This bug would cause a lot of confusion, considering everyone would see that the ability was cast on Orianna herself, but the effects of the abilities would be elsewhere. Thus, Riot was forced to disable Orianna until the problem was fixed.

Orianna Bug Fix

The bug fix for the Orianna Ultimate (R – Shockwave) was done in a mid-patch update on the 10th of October. This patch note has it noted down as Riot has fixed the issue as soon as possible, given that it made the champion unplayable. Now that the bug is fixed, players can use the champion in their games without encountering it again.

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