League of Legends Mod Adds Actual Pokemon as Jungle Pets

The new Pokemon-themed jungle pet mod just dropped, and it looks pretty good.

The Preseason 2023 is here, along with the new Jungle changes. Along with the changes, we also got the new Jungle pets. These jungle pets are small monsters that help you fight jungle monsters and empower your smite summoner spell, and more importantly, they evolve as you fight alongside them.

There are currently three jungle pets available in League of Legends, the red pet named Noxian Embercat, the green pet named Ixtali Ixamander, and the blue pet, Ionian Cloudleaper. These are identified by their colors and feel very similar to Pokemon, specifically generation one starters Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. From the looks of it, Riot may have been inspired by the generation one starter Pokemon.

Since the new Jungle changes, many players wondered if there would be a Pokemon-themed jungle pet mod. Well, a modder named LaSungaDeAatrox answered the call and created the Pokemon-themed jungle pet mod.

LaSungaDeAatrox shared the mod on his Twitter page.

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League of Legends Pokémon Mod

What exactly is the Pokemon Mod? The mod essentially transforms your jungle pets into the generation-one starter Pokemon. In the case of the red pet, it transforms it into Charmander, blue pet Squirtle, and green pet Bulbasaur.

Furthermore, these pets also evolve just like the gen one starters. That being said, the second pet evolution seems to be bugged at the moment as they don’t evolve into their second stage, but the third stage works perfectly.

How to Download

The download process for the mod is pretty simple. The download link is in the following YouTube video description and can be installed using the killer skins mod manager.

Is It Safe?

According to Riot, the custom skin is ‚ÄúUse at your own risk.‚ÄĚ

Although Riot has not banned players for using custom skin mods, it’s not safe either. There’s a risk of breaking game files while using custom modes, but they can be fixed quite easily by reinstalling or repairing the game. Sadly, the mod doesn’t work in the Asian servers and might even get you banned in the Korean server.

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