Shaco Has Received Record-Breaking Bug Fixes in League of Legends

With the recent bugfix, Shaco is now the most bug-fixed champion in League of Legends.

League of Legends has had a lot of bugs to address since its inception. The bugs have occurred in various aspects of the game, whether bugs to champions or systems. The systems implemented in the game have had issues as of late, as the Chat Detection System had a bug that was punishing players. Riot has had to revert many of those punishments flagged by the Chat Detection System.

Champion bugs have also been part of the game for a long while. Riot has fixed many of the heavily impactful bugs in the game. Worlds 2022 was littered with bugs as well. It’s all about Riot identifying the problem and then fixing them with phase. One of those weird game-breaking bugs was the Neeko bug. That bug resulted in Riot disabling Neeko and then fixing the bug in haste.

In Patch 12.22B, Shaco got a bug fix that affected his jungle clear speed. This latest bugfix has made Shaco the most patched Champion in League of Legends. Here is how many times Shaco has been bug fixes in total.

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Number of Bugfixes Received by Shaco

According to this article, Shaco has received a total of 55 bug fixes so far in League of Legends. That puts him at the top of the list, with Yasuo in second with 53. Most of these statistics can be checked in the League of Legends Wiki.

Shaco has been part of the champion roster of League of Legends since 2009. Hence, it is not surprising that Shaco has received that many bug fixes. It might be a bit too low regarding some of the bug fixes the newer champions have gotten. Thus, this is an interesting tidbit about League of Legends and the number of fixes Riot has had to implement.

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