Riot Hotfixes Neeko Tower Bug

A couple of hours after being discovered, Riot finally hotfixes the Neeko tower bug.

League of Legends is no stranger to bugs and exploits. In every significant update, League experiences new and weird bugs.

These bugs could range from quirky, hilarious, annoying, and sometimes infuriating. Even though Riot Games tries their best to reduce the number of bugs, some always fly under the radar. Although most problems occur in regular ranked or normal matches, severe bugs frequently occur in League of Legends Worlds.

Moreover, the prime time for experiencing bugs is in the preseason. And as the preseason is happening, many new bugs are being experienced. And the recent and most infuriating bug is the Neeko tower bug.

Neeko’s passive allows her to shapeshift into any allied champions and copy their auto attack. Furthermore, she can also shapeshift into any allied unit.

In League of Legends, almost everything counts as a “unit,” like wards, turrets, nexus, monsters, etc. And with this bug, Neeko could ultimately disguise herself as a Nexus Obelisk, the turret with the highest DPS.

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Neeko Tower Bug Hotfixed

neeko tower bug
Image Credits: Riot Games
  • Tower Trickery
    • Fixed a bug where Neeko could turn into objects like fountain towers and copy their damage output using her passive

Recently, Riot disabled Neeko from all game modes because of this bug. Even though it was a temporary removal, they did not state when she would be able to be played again.

But luckily, Riot was able to fix this frustrating bug. It now means players can play her in all game modes. But unfortunately, in her current state, her pick rate is only 0.7% or the same as Aurelion Sol’s. So all we can do now is wait for her mini-rework to arrive, which should be released in early 2023.

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