League of Legends ARURF 2022: Dates, Details, and More

Riot Games confirms that ARURF will be League of Legends’ next rotating game mode — releasing on patch 12.9.

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire, also known as ARURF, is a Featured Game Mode in League of Legends. Unlike URF, where players get to pick their own champion, in ARURF, champions are assigned to them randomly, similar to League’s ARAM.

After One for All, Riot Games has now confirmed that ARURF will be the next rotating game mode in League of Legends.

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ARURF 2022 Start and End Date

ARURF is currently available on the PBE, and it is scheduled to start from League of Legends patch 12.9 on May 12, 2022.

ARURF will be available throughout the whole High Noon event, and it will end at the same time as the event ends.


ARURF is played on the Summoner’s Rift, and champions will be assigned to you randomly. But if you’re lucky enough you can pick the best champions in ARURF.

According to Reina Sweet, there will be no significant champion changes. However, previous changes that were added to embrace the preseason item rework should also be on this year’s ARURF.

Here are some of them:

  • +300 ability haste, summoner spell haste, and item haste.
  • +25% tenacity.
  • +60 movement speed.
  • Bonus attack speed is doubled on ranged champions, 1.5 times for melee champions.
  • If you’re a mana champ: Bonus mana is converted to HP (40% rate) and bonus mana regen is converted to HP (100% rate)
  • The gold per 10 items will be disabled though. Their minion gold penalty they give is at such an extreme penalty that is difficult to perceive that not having them available would ultimately lead to better experiences, especially for newcomers to URF.
  • Higher level cap: The level cap is increased to level 30.
  • Early surrender: Can now unanimously surrender at 8 minutes, or normal surrender at 10 minutes.

Some additional info:

  • Mana and Energy consumption reduced by 100%.
  • Smite
    • Charge rate reduced to 30 seconds from 75 seconds.
    • Cooldown between charges reduced to 10 seconds from 15 seconds.
  • Teleport is disabled.
  • Baron Nashor’s initial spawn time is on 10 minutes.
  • Dragon’s initial spawn time is on 4 minutes.

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