K’Sante Receives a Massive Buff in Patch 12.22

After having a pitiful win rate, K’Sante receives a significant buff in the upcoming patch 12.22.

Riot constantly adds new champions to League of Legends, and K’Sante is the latest champion to join the already diverse roster of top lane tanks.

Tank top lane champions are rare additions to League of Legends nowadays, as the last tank top champion Riot added was Ornn back in 2020. Furthermore, the previous top lane champion Riot added was Gwen, and she was an AP bruiser.

As fans wanted a new top lane tank, Riot finally announced on the preseason 2023 roadmap video that they would be making one. They also revealed the champion’s name, K’Sante.

After months of waiting, Riot finally released K’Sante on League of Legends in patch 12.21. But even though K’Sante is the newest champion, his win rate is miserable.

There are multiple reasons why K’Sante’s win rate is terrible. But the primary reason is that his kit is complicated compared to other tanks. Firstly even though K’Sante is a tank, through his ultimate, he can become a bruiser for a short period while being vulnerable. But the problem is that most tank items currently don’t synergize with this type of playstyle.

Because of this, Riot will buff K’Sante in the upcoming patch, 12.22.

K’Sante Buff Patch 12.22

  • K’Sante Changes:
    • Dash speed towards allies increased from 1600 to 1800.

K’Sante’s E-Footwork allows him to dash. While dashing, he gains a shield for a short period. Moreover, he can dash to a nearby ally. While dashing to a nearby ally, the dash distance is significantly increased, and the nearby ally also gains a short shield. Furthermore, the speed of the dash was slightly faster than the regular dash.

But now, thanks to the new buff, his speed, while he dashes toward his ally, is significantly increased. For context, his regular dash without any ally is 1500. But now it is 1800. This change makes him reliable as a team fighter more than anything. For example, he can be an engage champion or roam the entire match and destroy other lanes when they need help. Moreover, playing off-meta with K’Sante could be a viable strategy to support K’Sante with this change.

Release Date

This new K’Sante buff will be coming out in patch 12.22, scheduled to be released on Nov 16, 2022.

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