Why K’Sante Has Such a Low Winrate in League of Legends Patch 12.21?

K’sante has released a little while back, as his win rate is not great in Patch 12.21

League of Legends has constantly released champions throughout the season. Riot has released five champions this year, including the recent K’Sante to League of Legends. Through these additions, Riot wants to diversify the game in terms of lore and more characters for players to learn and play.

A lot of the time, the new champions are either released as overpowered or underpowered. Reworks fit in this mold, but more often than not, they tend to be more overpowered. If we look across the past year, only two out of five champions would be considered overpowered on release.

The others were not as strong as they were introduced to League of Legends. K’Sante fits that category at the moment with a low win rate in Patch 12.21. Despite the buffs given to the champion in PBE, things have not changed much. Let’s talk about why this is the case.

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K’Sante’s Win Rate in Patch 12.21

According to OP.GG, K’Sante’s win rate is 42.52% across all ranks globally. This is the lowest win rate in the current patch. He is primarily being played in the top lane, but his stats in the rest of the roles do not have enough sample size to get accurate data.

Why is K’Sante’s Win Rate This Low?

This question can be explained for many different reasons. One reason is the fact that K’Sante is a new champion and his kit is fairly complex. Players who are not proficient on the champion will not perform well; thus, his win rate is dragged down.

Another reason is how much he is being picked in a short span of time. In conjunction with the first reason, this further decreases the win rate as players piloting the champion is not proficient, and there is a substantial number of players in that pool.

The last reason is his stats combined with complexity. K’Sante is complex enough that you need time to be good at the champion. At the same time, he is not overtuned, so players have to be more precise with piloting the champion. The numbers reflect that his stats are where the balance team wants to be, but because the kit is complex, the win rate is being dragged down.

Hence, it is mostly a waiting game for K’Sante. Over the next few weeks, the win rate should climb up as players get more proficient at the champion and more time passes for more data, so this should stabilize the win rate. Thus, this will take a bit of time, and we should see his numbers rise up.

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