Garena is rumored to end their League of Legends operation

A rumor has come out recently about Garena ending their League of Legends operation for the SEA region.

League of Legends has multiple servers across multiple regions. Starting from North America in the first version of the game, they quickly expanded to Korea, Europe West, and Europe Nordic & East before the game was officially released. As we stand, Riot added seven more servers and the PBE server to work as the official server list of League of Legends.

However, not all servers are run by Riot. China has over 20 servers with two different telecom companies running them. Each of these servers has a different purpose, as some of them are dedicated to different skill levels. Super Servers and such account for that as well.

Just like the servers in China, the servers in SEA are run by Garena. Garena is a company that has had the license for League of Legends in SEA for years. Currently, Garena manages these servers:

  • Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia (SG/MY)
  • Philippines (PH)
  • Vietnam (VN)
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau (TW)
  • Thailand (TH)

These servers house players from multiple countries, even from other regions around South East Asia. Garena has had control over these servers for years, and there has been a fair share of complaints by players about it.

Thus, we move on to a recent rumor that has come out claiming that Garena could pull out of the region as a whole. Here is what we know so far.

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Garena To End Operation in SEA

According to a rumor posted by hesketh2 on Twitter, Garena will end its operation of League of Legends in SEA.

The rumor suggests that Garena will end its operation in Taiwan before the end of this year. Taiwan Mobile is reportedly set to take over the operation in Taiwan as they already run VALORANT and Wild Rift in the region.

Also, according to hesketh2, this also applies to the rest of the SEA Garena operations. Vietnamese will likely run their own operation as the publishing laws are different, just like in Taiwan. This could mean that the SEA servers would likely run like how VALORANT runs on these servers.

The exact details of how this will go down and how Garena and the new operating team will handle the transition process are yet to be seen. It is a rumor, but this has been something players have wanted for a long time. Thus, this will be a very interesting transition and an arduous process to transfer accounts, get the servers set up, and all that.

We will post more about this as more details come out if this becomes a reality for the entirety of the SEA region. Follow our social media handles and website to be up to date.

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