Is Payday 3 Cross Platform?

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Deep Silver

One of the most anticipated co-op games is here. But can you play the game with your friend on another platform? Is the game cross-playable?

Payday 3 puts you in the shoes of the bad guys as you look to perform the biggest heists with your companions. After almost 10 years of Payday 2, the gang is looking to get back together and hit the most valuable spots in New York City.

It has definitely been a while, and now gamers have split into multiple platforms as life catches on. With the release of Payday 3, is it possible to team up with your pal on Xbox while you are on the PS5? Deep Silver, the publisher, has confirmed via Twitter that the game will indeed be playable cross-platform.

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Payday 3 Crossplay Details

Payday 3 crossplay will include all popular platforms, mainly PC, Xbox Series X/S, and the PlayStation 5. This means you can join the heists no matter where you play from. This is also a welcome quality-of-life feature, as the previous installment didn’t include crossplay.

This is a welcome trend in gaming as more and more mass multiplayer games are including the feature of crossplay and cross-progression. Games like Call of Duty have also introduced this feature.

Moreover, in their FAQ section, the developers have mentioned the game being only available on the current gen consoles and not on previous-generation machines. This might be disappointing news to players who are yet to upgrade to the PS5 or the Series X/S. It also tells us that the game is being developed on Unreal Engine to ensure all platforms can run the same version.

Another neat feature added is the ability to keep your progression regardless of the platform you are playing from. This will let you pick up where you left off, even if you started on a PC and now are playing on a PlayStation5.

Is Payday 3 Cross Platform?
credit: Deep Silver
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