ImperialHal Criticizes the Current Ranked System in Apex Legends for Not Being “Placement Oriented”

ImperialHal points out the obvious flaw with the current ranked system and is clearly unhappy about it.

Respawn officially released the Patch Notes for Season 14 Hunted on August 8, 2022. The Apex Legends community eagerly awaited these patch notes as many controversial changes were coming based on previous leaks and rumors.

Many weapons and legend-related changes were made to the game. Apart from these, Respawn also made Ranked changes following the disastrous statistics in Season 13. Although many pros were against it, the general player base was quite happy with how the new ranked system turned out.

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ImperialHal Criticizes the Current Ranked System

Respawn made a couple of changes to the ranked system before setting it live in Season 14. Respawn changed the entry cost and removed the diminishing return on kill points. The entry cost cap for the Master and Predator ranks was also removed.

The required RP to reach Master rank is currently set to 15000 with an 82 base entry cost RP. However, with every additional 1000 RP, the entry cost also increases by 5. For instance, if you have 20000 RP and want to get into a ranked match, you will have to sacrifice 107 RP in total to enter the game.

In a recent post on Twitter, ImperialHal shared a screenshot of his ranked match summary with 2 Assists and 2 participation points. Although he won the match, he received 0 RP. He mockingly titled the Tweet, “Good ranked system”.

Players were getting at ImperiaHal for always having something to say when Respawn makes changes to the game. However, ImperialHal denied ever wanting for a ranked change since Season 13 ranked rework and called others “delusional” for thinking that way.

He also mentioned that no pro players wanted the Season 13 ranked system to revert back to not being “Placement oriented.” Previously, other pros also complained about the flaws Season 14 ranked system brought into Apex Legends. However, neither Respawn nor EA responded to it.

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