How to Craft the Hallowfang Armor in V Rising

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The Hallowfang armor set in V Rising is a budget armor set. This suit belongs to you if you have common resources but want to go on a rampage.

Khonsu provided the Moon Knight suit whenever Marc or Steven split the word “Suit!”. Not gonna lie, but it is a spectacular suit like that meme, level 90 boss from level 1 crook. Though there are no such commands or cheats to summon suit, just like that, you know there are vast options to choose from. One of the suits is not like the others. And this is the Hallowfang set I am talking about.

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How to Craft the Hallowfang Armor Set in V Rising

Hallowfang armor is quite popular among the strategists as it requires materials that come from the Tannery and the Loom. You can build the Loom by getting the recipe from Beatrice the Tailor. You can obtain the Tannery recipe from Keely the Frost Archer. Go through here to learn more about the Tannery. Moreover, you need to have built the Blood Altar.

After this initial preparation, prepare for the Bandit King, Quincy. You can track him with Blood Altar. All you have to do is now suck his blood out dry. You will receive Chaos Barrier, Merciless Charge powers, some Iron Ingots, and Iron weapons by doing that. Moreover, you will also receive the Tailoring Bench and Hollowfang Armor recipe. Let’s head back to the castle.

The armor set contains Chest-guard, Leggings, Gloves, and Boots. You will need eight pieces of Cotton, Yarn, Leather, and Wool thread for each piece. That makes a total of 32 Cotton, Yarn, Leather, and Wool thread. Set up the Tailoring Bench in your castle without any delay and throw the materials. The smell is already spreading. There you go, fellow night creature, your Hallowfang Armor set is served.

That is all for Hallowfang Armor in V Rising. I hope that quenched your thirst for a balanced armor. But also remember fellow night creature; quench your thirst with enough fluid from time to time. Prost!

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