How to Get Iron & Iron Ingots in V Rising

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How to Get Iron & Iron Ingots

Are you having a hard time crafting Iron Ingots? Are devs having a toast over your stress? Worry not, fellow vampire. You are at the most fitting place to learn more about how to Iron and Iron Ingots in V Rising.

You just have risen from your slumber after some centuries. People call you the Creature of the Night. Well, they are not wrong. To let them know their place, start exploring your surroundings. Gather more and more resources. Let them know what true terror is. And on the way to do it, Iron is a significant item; you cannot resist that.

In the advanced stages of the game, you will notice how Iron becomes a more dominant and significant resource than Copper. You will need stronger weapons along with upgraded items. Devs know perfectly well when you are going to need Iron the most. That is the time you will start to see lesser Iron than usual. Typical Dev things. Anyway, let’s get you on a more or less easy ride to mine Iron and make the most use out of it.

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How to Get Iron

To make a stash of Iron, you need to locate the Iron Veins. You will find Iron ore in 11 places all over the map across Vardoran. However, to the south of Dunley Farmlands, you will come across the Haunted Mine. This is the place with abundant Iron. Moreover, you will also get Hell’s Clarion and Bones. Furthermore, you will also find two Waygates, thus, opening a point of fast travel.

However, before you enter the Haunted Mine, you will need one of the Merciless Copper weapons. Only these weapons will get you through the Iron veins. Last but not least, you have a high chance of facing Meredith. She is one of the V-Blood bosses. Other than that, the rest of the foes will be around level 30 to 35. I would suggest getting prepared well before invading this area.

How to Get Iron Ingots

After acquiring sufficient Iron, you can now make them into Iron Ingots. For that, you will need the recipe. Yes, even a pinch of salt can make the difference. Follow the steps below to make Iron Ingots:

  • At the very first, start gathering papers. You will find plenty of amount in bandit camps. Drop the papers into the Research Table. Very soon, you will learn the recipe for the Merciless Copper Mace.
  • Now, takedown Clive the Firestarter. It will aid in unlocking Minor Explosives.
  • After that, use Blood Altar to track down Quincy. He is the bandit king and holds the recipe for Iron Inglot. Take him down and get it.
  • Now, you will have to build a Furnace. After that, place the Iron that you have acquired into it. Smelting the Iron will get you the Iron Ingots fresh out of the oven.

Now, my fellow vampire, you will be able to craft more advanced and developed weapons and gears than ever. Moreover, you will also be able to decorate your castle with any leftover Iron Ingots.

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