How to Build a Castle in V Rising

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Stunlock Studios

V Rising is a survival game where you can build various things. One of the main things you can build is a Castle. Here is how you can build a Castle for yourself in V Rising.

In V Rising, you play as a weak vampire who has woken up after centuries of slumber. Your goal is to get strong by defeating enemies and eventually becoming the Dracula. But to do that, you will need a base of operation.

Fortunately, V Rising has some great in-depth mechanics for building. As a result, you can build many things, from a sawmill to your own Castle. But it would help if you kept a few things in mind while building a castle. So, here is a guide that explains all the things you need to know to build a good Castle.

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V Rising: Building a Castle (Step by Step)

Here we will go through all the steps you need to do to make a functioning Castle. Later down the line, as you play through the game more, you will unlock more buildings and upgrades for your Castle. So, naturally, you will need to improve the Castle as you unlock new things.

But that said, in this guide, we will cover how to build up a base from the ground up and what are the more important buildings you need to get. We will also share some tips to make your Castle harder to attack. So, here is how you can build a Castle in V Rising.

Choosing a Location

In V Rising, choosing a location for your Castle is a normal thing to do. But you need to put some thought into where you want to build your Castle. If you choose a bad location for your Castle, it will be harder for you to play the game. And if you are on a PvP server, you will get attacked constantly.

Your Castle should be in a place from where you will have access to farming stuff like animals, stones, etc. if needed. Also, make sure your Castle is not by the side of a road. Having the Castle on the side of a road will get you attacked constantly in a PvP server. Also, find a nice flat land with some space to expand the Castle later.

It may seem like a lot of conditions to fill for a Castle, which they are. But it will be worth it in the long run. While looking for an area, just look for flat land. There is no ideal and ready place for a base. You will need to make it ideal and prepare it by clearing out trees and obstacles yourself.

Place the Castle Heart

In V Rising, the Castle Heart is exactly what it sounds like. It is the main point of your Castle. So, try to place it in the middle of the base. That way, no matter what side your Castle gets attacked from, it will be safe.

Castle Heart in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

Go to the build menu and place the Heart Down to place the Castle Heart. While placing it down, try to get an 80% or more buildable space around it. The heart needs stone and blood essence to build. Blood essence you can get by killing smaller enemies and stone you can farm in the world.

Once you have built the Castle Heart, place some blood essence inside it. This will power your Castle and consume the essence as it does that.

Place the Borders

After placing the heart, you will need to place the Border around it to make the area buildable. If you don’t place the Border, you cannot build on the area. The Border will also need blood essence and stone to place down. So farm stone and blood essence if you need and start placing down your Castle’s borders.

Border in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

Place as many borders as you need to make a spacious castle room. This is important because you will need to place many things inside the Castle. For example, if you don’t have a big area covered by the Border, you won’t be able to place necessary buildings like sawmills and crafting benches inside the Castle.

Place the Walls and a Door

Now that you have a defined area for your Castle, you need to place down the walls around it. You will find the walls inside the build menu. You will also find the door frame and door there. So place a gate at your Castle’s entrance and place walls all around.

Walls and Doors in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

While placing the door and walls, if there are any trees in the area, you will need to clear them out. Or else you won’t be able to place down the walls or the door. This way, your Castle is secured from the outside threat.

Although, players can still use five explosive boxes to blow up the gate if they want to raid Castle. But as a starting castle, this is more than enough.

Build a Coffin Inside the Castle

The coffin is your respawn point in V Rising. So, as soon as you are done building your castle wall, you should place a coffin inside the Castle. This will make sure if you die while fighting, you can spawn in your Castle.

Coffin in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

While you are at it, you can also build a chest to hold all the extra items inside it. Again, you can build as many as you need. But for now, we should build two.

Build a Mist Brazier

The 2nd essential thing you need to do after putting up the walls is building a Mist Brazier. The Mist Brazier keeps the sun away from you. As a vampire, you take damage in the sun. And our Castle does not have a roof yet. So building a Mist Brazier will allow you to work inside the Castle while the sun is up.

Mist Brazier in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

Build a Sawmill

Now that you are safe from the sun and you have a respawn point, time to work on things that will generate new materials. The first thing you need to build is a Sawmill.

Sawmill in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

The Sawmill will take your lumber and turn them into plank. You will need planks to build the next necessary item for your Castle.

To make planks from the lumber, click on the Sawmill to open up the sawmill window. From there, drag some lumber onto the sawmill window. This will start the plank creation process.

Build a Simple Workbench

In V Rising, Simple Workbench is used to upgrade your gears. So, you will need to build one before you go adventuring. To build a Simple Workbench, take the planks from your Sawmill. You will also need animal hide and stones.

Simple Workbench in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

Once you have all the materials, click on the workbench and place it down somewhere nice inside the Castle. Now you can interact with the bench to craft an upgraded version of your gears.

Build a Blood Altar

The last thing you need to complete your first Castle building is the Blood Altar. The Blood Altar is the place where you can track down bosses in V Rising. Taking out these bosses will grant you new powers and build blueprints. So, the Blood Altar is one of the most necessary items to have in the game.

Blood Altar in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

To build a Blood Altar, you will need blood essence and stone. Place the Alar right beside your Castle gate. That way, it will always be accessible. And you will need to use that a lot in V Rising. With this, you are officially done with your Castle.

Now all you have to do is track down the bosses and kill them to get new buildings and upgrades for your Castle.

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