How to Heal in V Rising

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Stunlock Studios

In V Rising, you play a weak vampire who is on his quest to become the next Dracula. So, you will be damaged in your quest to become powerful and will require healing. Here is how you can heal in V Rising.

V Rising is the newest popular MMO survival game in the survival genre. Here you are playing as a vampire who has woken up from slumber after centuries. Your goal is to gather your power and become the Dracula.

Naturally, to hunt for power, you will need to engage in fights with powerful foes. So, it is inevitable that you will get hurt sooner or later. This is where you will need to do some healing on yourself.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can heal yourself in V Rising. Here are the ways you can heal yourself.

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How to Heal Yourself in V Rising

Healing is pretty easy in V Rising. You start the game with a healing ability. This ability is called Blood Mend. You can cast this ability to heal yourself when you are out of combat or not in the sun.

Blood Mend in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

Blood Mend is not an ability that can be used in combat. To use this ability, you will need to stay still. Moving will cancel the ability. So, before casting Blood Mend, make sure you are out of combat and out of the sun. This ability will also drain your blood pool. You can replenish your blood pool by consuming blood from animals or using a consumable heart.

Another way you can heal is by using consumables. You can craft Vermin Salve, a consumable you can use to heal yourself. The good thing about consumables is they can be used while in combat. Vermin Salve restores 2.5% of the max hp every sec for 15 seconds.

One more consumable you can find in the world which is also used for healing is Blood Rose Brew. You can find blood rose brew in the camps. These are also used as consumables and help you heal yourself.

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