How to Get Paper in V Rising

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Paper is one of the most necessary resources in V Rising. Paper is used in many things in the game, from castle upgrades to studying for different items. Here is how you can get papers in V Rising.

V Rising has a very deep crafting system. This makes the game feel more immersive and fun to play. As you level up in the game, you get to fight new bosses and unlock more tools for your castle. These tools in terms help you craft new things and make you stronger.

In V Rising, you play a vampire who has woken up after centuries of sleep. You need to hunt down powerful people and absorb their power to get stronger. While you are doing that, you will also need to maintain and expand your castle.

Unlocking Paper functions differently than most items. While you can get drops from enemies, crafting paper needs a lot more work than most materials. So, here we will break down how you can farm paper and how to craft papers.

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How to Find and Craft Paper in V Rising

In V Rising, paper, like many other items, is dropped by enemies worldwide. However, if you want to craft paper, simply killing a boss will not drop a blueprint for it. So here you will explain where to get papers first. Then we will show you how you can craft paper in V Rising.

Where to Get Paper in V Rising

In V Rising, papers are dropped by human enemies. And human enemies are mostly found inside the bandit camps and armories. There are tons of bandit camps you can find in the world. A few army camps are close to the tutorial area.

Paper drops are not very high. So, you will need quite some time to grind out if you want to get a lot of papers. But they are an essential item. So farming paper will be worth the trouble in the end.

How to Craft Paper in V Rising

If you want to craft your own paper in V Rising, you will need a paper press. And to get that, you will need to kill a boss. But that is not the end of it. Follow these steps to unlock the paper press.

First, you will need to track down Nicholaus the Fallen from the blood alter. This is a level 37 boss you need to kill. After that, he will drop a Study Research Desk blueprint. This desk is basically your research station.

From the Study Desk, you will need to complete your studies. The paper press is unlocked by doing research from the “Study Research Table.” But you cannot control which research will be done first. So, unlocking the paper press depends on random chance. But do not worry, keep researching on the research table, and the paper press will unlock eventually.

Once you have the paper press from the study research table, you can craft a paper press. To create paper, you need to use 4 plant fibers and 12 sawdust from the paper press.

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