V Rising: How to Salvage

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Stunlock Studios

V Rising has a lot of gears in the game. As a result, you will need to switch gears as you level up to upgrade your gears. Fortunately, you can salvage your old gears. Here we will explain how you can salvage gears in V Rising.

V Rising is the newest survival game in the genre developed by Stunlock Studios. You play as a weak vampire who has woken up after centuries of slumber. You need to make your place in this new world while regaining your strength.

V Rising has a level system for your character. As you level up, you will also want to change your gears to match your level and get stronger. Often, games don’t include anything else you can do with the old gears.

But V Rising has a salvage system. Although you need to unlock the salvage system first, it is an excellent way to get rid of your old items and gain some resources.

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How to Salvage Items & Weapons in V Rising

In V Rising, there is a special chest called Devourer. This Devourer acts as a salvaging station. But to use Devourer, you will first need to build it. A Devourer needs 12 Planks and 6 Copper Ingots to make. But first, you will need the blueprint for it.

The blueprint for the Devourer is dropped by a level 26 boss called Lidia the Chaos Archer. You can track her down using the Blood Altar. She can be pretty hard to beat. So it is better to match her in the level before you go fight her.

devourer chest v rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

Defeating Lidia will drop the Devourer blueprint. Now you can come back and build a Devourer for yourself. After building the Devourer, you can put your old gears inside it to get some of the materials back. This is how you salvage items in V Rising.

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